10 December 2017

Authentic Japanese Dining in Tagaytay at Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

I am finally free and back to blogging! But please allow me to tell more about the past few months in another blog post. :) Anyway, here's a long overdue post of a Japanese restaurant that I truly enjoyed. We all know that authentic Japanese restaurants are not so hard to find in Manila anymore. They are literally everywhere here. But in Tagaytay, there is one that truly stands out.

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro

Aozora Japanese Cafe and Bistro is located at the beautiful and elegant Domicillo Hotel. Here you can have a scenic view of the Taal Lake, which is fitting because Aozora literally means, Blue Sky, in Japanese. But reasons to visit Aozora does not end there. Their authentic Japanese offerings make them an ultimate dining destination in Tagaytay. 

Only the freshest ingredients are served at Aozora

I am a huge fan of Japanese food and I go for my Tendon fix every now and then. But Aozora's menu is quite diverse. They have authentic Japanese cuisine prepared in a traditional way. However, they likewise have Japanese dishes that are given that modern twist for variety.

Aozora Salad / Fried Kani Salad - P310

Not really a fan of salads, but I just can't stop eating this one! I am positive that the crunch that the fried kani gave made it an entirely different experience as compared to other kani salads.

Tuna Avocado Salad - P290

If there's one word that would summarize this dish, it would be "fresh". There's nothing more refreshing than this medley of tuna chunks and avocado with light mayo based dressing.

Dragon Maki - P350

This one's definitely my favorite among the many dishes that was served! I think we had at least two servings of this. This roll has ebi tempura (my favorite!), mayo, and seaweeds - basically, all the good stuff!

Mixed Sashimi - P510

I do not usually go for raw seafood whenever I have my Japanese cuisine fix but this one was simply irresistible. This is composed of tuna, salmon, tamago, shime saba, tako, uni, and kani. Definitely one of the must try dishes at Aozora!

Aozora Iced Tea - P120

Another refreshing treat was the Aozora Iced Tea. It is surely not your regular iced tea. It has pandan, cucumber, lemongrass, honey, and mint. Perfect for summer, don't you think?

Sukiyaki Soup - P590 or P700 (US Beef)

I've tried Sukiyaki Soup at another Japanese restaurant and I was disappointed. Thank goodness I was able to encounter Aozora's. Though I am not entirely interested in soups with sweet broths, Aozora's version which was filled with beef, noodles, and vegetables, was easy to love. 

Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki - P490

The Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki looks light and simple but the flavors of this dish is quite powerful. This teppanyaki dish is comprised of shrimp, salmon, tuna, squid, and wasai hame - all but the freshest ingredients at Aozora.

Aozora Ramen - P320

Definitely the highlight of the meal! This fusion of Tagaytay and Japan in one dish is a masterpiece. At first, I thought it would taste quite unusual but this is one of the most comforting dishes that I've tried. A must try at Aozora, if not at Tagaytay!

Ebi Tempura - P270

My favorite Japanese dish would definitely be the Ebi Tempura. Aozora's version was light, not greasy, and flavorful. The shrimp were enormous and goes well with their sauce.

Chicken Katsu with Salad - P290

This good old katsu dish was made extra with the salad. Although this dish is good as is, I prefer it with lots of rice!

Chicken Teriyaki Don - P290

I was surprised by Aozora's Chicken Teriyaki Don. I wasn't a fan when this dish came to our table, but I was surprised by how good it tastes. This dish with sweet sauce and tender chicken goes perfectly with rice.

Tempura Ice Cream - P250

Another surprise was the Tempura Ice Cream. It is not your ordinary dessert as it consists of ice cream fried with tempura batter. I know it sounds kind of weird but it everything goes well together.

Tagaytay might be a tourist destination for its awesome view, but it is also home to several restaurants, such as Aozora, that are worth braving the South traffic for.

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro is open daily, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM and located at Domicillo Hotel, KM58 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Cavite. For reservations or advanced orders, please call 09155038800 or 09063501704.

XO, Mish


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