25 February 2017

Why I Love BeautyMNL.com!

There's nothing more convenient than purchasing everything you need online. For someone who rarely has free time, going to the malls to get supplies and necessities can be such a hassle. Moreover, there are tons of products that aren't readily available in malls, particularly skincare and beauty products. So it's quite a relief that I get to discover BeautyMNL.com.


If you haven't heard of BeautyMNL, it is an online beauty store that offers the widest range of brands and products. I know that it's the first time I'll be blogging about BeautyMNL but it wasn't actually my first time to purchase from them. I have probably shopped at least six times during the past six months, half of which was to buy skincare products for myself and the rest to buy gifts for girl friends.

Products always come in clear zip lock pouches like this one..
...And wrapped neatly and securely in bubble wraps. 

The best thing about BeautyMNL that I could think of is the number of brands and products that they offer, some are even not available here in the Philippines. As you all know, I am going through a K-beauty phase right now (or maybe it's not just a phase lol) and I am delighted that they got my favorite Korean brands. I regularly get my CosRX Pimple Patch (HOLY GRAIL!!) and BHA Skin Returning Emulsion from them.

My haul! Also got freebies yay! 

I also love that they offer next day shipping for Metro Manila address. This has never failed! I would order sometimes at midnight and get the item the following day. As regards provincial shipping, which I sometimes avail, it takes around 2 to 3 days for my order to arrive which is not really bad. Shipping by the way is free for orders P2000 and up!

Staple beauty products! Glad BeautyMNL carries this brand.

BeautyMNL is such an all around store. If you haven't decided yet on what to get or what will work for you, they have an online magazine slash blog called BLOOM where you could pick up ideas and the products used therein can be availed of at BeautyMNL. 

BLOOM Magazine

Lastly, most of their items are super affordable. I got my staple lipstick (aka Maybelline Creamy Matte in Nude Nuance) for only P199 a few months back! Since my tube's almost empty, I decided to get another one from them. I also love that they offer local brands such as Detail, among others. As for the rest of my latest haul, I decided to get Maybelline Dream Velvet Matte Foundation and St. Ives Face Scrub. I'm so thrilled to try them out.

Better check out BeautyMNL at BeautyMNL.com for your beauty and skincare needs! You'll definitely get hooked!

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XO, Mish 


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