12 August 2016

Dresslink Top and Swimwear Haul + Review

Remember my Dresslink wish list which I posted a few weeks ago? Dresslink just made my dreams come true by sending me each and every item on that list. I know that you're all looking forward to outfit posts but I'd rather review everything first so you could decide whether or not to buy at Dresslink. 🙂

What I love most about Dresslink is their extremely cheap prices. Their clothes go as low as $2 and up depending on the item you would get. Based on my previous shopping experience with similar sites, there's a hit or miss chance when it comes to shopping with them. It's like taking a risk because sometimes the products are great (perfect fit and material), sometimes so-so (like wrong sizes, or poor quality). But no one's complaining cause more often than not they are actually okay!

Anywayyyyy, here's my small haul! The first thing I got was a Blue Printed Off Shoulder Top (US$ 3.56). This one's my favorite among all of the items that I got. It is lightweight and perfect for summer. The fabric's breathable. I was worried that it would be too cropped. This one has a perfect length and not too short. The garter for the shoulders looks like it would loosen up after a few used but that's something you can remedy. I got a large (Asian medium size), but it perfectly fits my small frame lol.

Love the print!
Garter doesn't look sturdy, but that's no biggie for me

Another item that I got was a Black off shoulder Top (now US$3.33, but I got it on sale for US$2.64). I am a huge fan of off shoulder tops and this one did not disappoint me! It has a nice flattering fit.The fabric's stretchable but goes thin (yet opaque and looks quite shiny) when stretched. I would order one size up if they had sizes but this one comes in only one size. This one's for those who are accustomed to wearing small or extra small clothes.

The third item is a Wine Red Long Cardigan (Got it for US$3.90, but now priced at US$5.12). I was definitely pleased with this one. Cheap cardigans usually have a thin material, but this one has a decent material although not too thick. This I perfect all year and I think it goes well with midi dresses.

The product's actually darker in person. The photo makes it look like a bright red.
Buttons are all complete

Last on my Dresslink haul is a Black Monokini (US$3.34). I am not quite sure how to feel about this one. I was excited to try this out because I've seen this style in many instagram posts. Upon seeing it, I was actually impressed. It has an awesome quality (well-made, with pads and lining) but this does not flatter my body well. 😞  probably because I got a large (US medium size) because Asian sizes are generally smaller. It fits well on the bottom but the bust part is too low.

I'm so sorry for the poor quality. The sun hasn't been out the past days.
Padded and lined. Even the crotch area is lined.

All in all, my Dresslink shopping experience is awesome! Shipping took around a month to arrive here in the Philippines. It took another month for the items to finally arrive to my local post office, but I don't think that's attributable to Dresslink. Size was a main concern but that's a given risk in online shopping. Would you believe that everything was just for only $20? Total amount of the items is around $13 and shipping to the Philippines is $7 plus I paid P100 for the customs fee. I wish they'd offer free shipping though because it's almost half the value of the items. Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to more purchases at Dresslink. Their dresses and outerwear seem interesting too! Check out their website: Dresslink.com!

XO, Mish

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  1. I definitely love the one piece swimsuit, classy, can't wait 'till you wear it!


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