15 May 2016

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel Review

A few months back, I started taking facial skincare seriously. It started with sunblocks, then day and night moisturizers, then eye creams and gels, although I am still looking forward to adding masks, toners, or scrubs in my skincare routine. Prior to trying out The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel, I was using a cream based day moisturizer but I find it too thick for Manila's boiling weather. After seeing good feedback about aloe gels in general, I finally decided to get one. I was planning to buy an Aloe Vera Gel in a tub container from Althea and actually regretted not getting one. Luckily I went to a The Face Shop stall at Century City Mall and found out that they have it in a tube container. It has the same amount of contents and has the same price of P199 for a 300ml tube/tub.

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel Review

I am not really particular when it comes to the skin care products that I put in my face, that is, I don't really pay attention to the brand. As long as it keeps my skin clear and it is affordable, I am willing to give it a try. I didn't have high expectations with The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel but it definitely amazed me! As regards the price, each tube/tub is affordable! Since I only use it on my face and a little amount of product goes a long way, I think one tube could last at least half a year. No need to worry about the product expiring quickly because I got mine this year and it is due to expire on 2018. 

Info about The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel from The Face Shop website:
 -Formulated with 99% Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice to soothe and moisturize the skin.
-This soothing gel moisture gel can be used for various purposes, including moisturizing, soothing facial pack and after-sun care.
-Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is, it soothes and moisturizes at the same time, absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind
-Formulated without 5 additives : paraben, benzophenone, animal oil, mineral oil, artificial coloring.

As regards the packaging, I love that this product now comes in a tube container. No need to dip your fingers or use a spatula to get the product unlike with tub containers. It is definitely more hygienic this way and you could dispense just the right amount of product. It is also easier to transfer the contents to another container. I have a smaller container that I bring with me whenever I am travelling.

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel Review
Product info comes in Korean, English, and French

The product itself is superb. As the name suggests, it comes in a gel form. It glides on smoothly when applied and dries quickly depending on the amount you put on your face. My skin feels cool after application and kind of tight after the product dries. I use it on my face twice a day. I use it as a day moisturizer before putting on sunblock or as is if I am just staying at home. It keeps my face moisturized without the heavy and icky feeling. At night, I usually apply the product generously and I just let it dry before putting on a heavier night moisturizer. It keeps my face cool and relaxed especially after getting exposed in the sun during the day. I also like to place the tube container in the refrigerator so that it'll be extra cold when I apply it on my face. This doesn't change the product's consistency just in case you are wondering.

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel Review
Love this easy to use squeeze tube container!
The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel Review
After application. This will eventually turn into a thin shiny film as it dries

Aside from being a facial moisturizer, this product can also be used for your hair and body. I don't usually use it on my body because it tends to leave a thin shiny film that feels sticky at first but will eventually subdue. And my body can't handle anything sticky even for just a short time. I'd probably sweating buckets already by the time it gets dried. It's nice to use it all over the body though after getting exposed in the sun for a long time. It cools the skin and helps repair it.

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel Review

If you're looking for a nice and light moisturizer for the summer, you could try out The Face Shop Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel. I rarely get pimples, but I swear this product has made my skin visibly clearer and more supple and hydrated. My skin now looks fresh all the time! This product is available at all The Face Shop stalls nationwide for only P199 each.

Hope this review helps!

XO, Mish



  1. wondering what would happen if we just got some aloe vera, planted it in our backyard/garden and used them when we are at home... :3

  2. got the thought, its a good mask then after 5mins youll get pretty all over if your allergic pretty well not recommended.

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