11 April 2015

Revlon Colorsilk in Light Reddish Brown (55) Review

I didn't have much time to blog during the previous school year so I just compiled photos of items that I wanted to post or review on my blog this summer. First on my list is Revlon Colorsilk hair color in Light Reddish Brown. I've noticed that drugstore hair coloring products have become one of the most viewed posts on my blog. And since I dye my hair once every 3 to 5 months, might as well come up with a review of every item that I'll be using. No before photos for this blog post cause I wasn't able to take one. :( Nevertheless, I had it over Revlon Colorsilk in Medium Ash Brown which I have also reviewed on my blog.

What it claims:

A light brown with warm red tones. 100% gray coverage

As usual, the box contains an ammonia-free colorant, cream color developer, after-color conditioner, instructions and plastic gloves. If you want to know how to use the product, check out this blog post: http://www.mishrendon.com/2013/11/revlon-colorsilk-luminista-in-medium.html

The Good:
  • It was able to lighten my roots effectively. It also gave the rest of my hair a reddish brown shade. 
  • As always, Revlon Colorsilk products are easy to use. They're also convenient as they are available in most supermarkets and drugstores.
  • Ammonia-free.
  • One box is adequate to cover the entire length of my hair.
  • Super affordable, Got this one for only P345 at Watsons. It is usually on sale so it's better to get them when they are discounted. Aside from that, they always have regular promos such as free hair color application, free tweezers, or free lipstick.
  • I love their after-color conditioner. Hope they sell it individually!
The Not-so-Good:
  • It took me weeks before I got the red that I wanted. Although I would say that it appears orange-y at times. Initially, my hair had a deep brown shade with a little bit of red in it. Eventually, my hair color turned lighter as you can see from the pictures below.
  • Sometimes, it seems to me that my hair color looks kind of uneven. But not really in a negative way cause it looks like I have highlights.
  • My hair, especially the ends, became really dry. But I guess it has also to do with frequent hair coloring. I just had the ends trimmed to keep my hair healthy.

One week after (using Nikon D5000)
One month after. Natural lighting (using iPhone camera)
Two months after (using Nikon D5000)
Three months after (using iPhone camera)

No before and after photos, but this is how my hair looked like weeks after. I couldn't say that I was totally satisfied with this one. Probably because I was expecting a different color on me. Nevertheless, the product was able to give my hair a nice color. Anyway, I'll be posting another hair color review within this month so please do watch out for that! :)

XO, Mish

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