20 November 2013

Wedding Photography

If a love story, book or movie ends happily, it will definitely end with a wedding. Actually, that’s how everything starts but usually the fairy tales end with big weddings, diamond rings and kisses. In real life, a family starts with the marriage. That’s how things work in this world. We are supposed to remember this event for the whole life. So how do we make memories come back in our heads? It’s simple, we look at the pictures. The wedding photos mean a lot not only for the brides, but also for mothers, jealous friends, some curious distant cousins and other people who for some reason care about this. It’s not the number of the people who care but the intensity of the desire to look back and relive the moments that count the most. The photos that were taken by some San Francisco Wedding Photographer or some other guy from Nebraska are supposed to have a special energy and to show the best in people. Some brides chose to have a whole photo session day, not the wedding day but just the make up and the photos are the things that matter. Actually this all covers what happens inside her that day. She wants to look the best and to give the brighter light, not only within make up and looks, but also through smiles and emotions. The photographer besides portraits concentrates on shooting the story of the day as it happens, unscripted and spontaneous. It will make everyone who attended the event remember the genuine feeling of the day and the moments and emotions which happened and  were gone in a second, never to be repeated. There remains a short amount of time devoted for the regular portraits and group shots, and they can be seen as an organic part of the magical story of the wedding day. These portraits will decorate someday a bedroom or a living room and will bring the warm emotion in the house. 

The wedding photographs can be sometimes so crazy and at the same time romantic. Let’s take couples who chose to do some crazy pictures in the pool, all dressed up. The photos would show a cocktail of emotions, courage and some childish stuff going on, that in the end it is so sweet to watch and relive. Those who decide to take some classy and traditional photos are never wrong, because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So when it comes to your wedding you just do it the way you feel good doing it. What truly matters is the way the special moment gets captured. 

Every girl dreamed about this day since she was little, every father thought about it since his teenage daughter got out on the first date and some first step a young man did lead to this day. This is why the idea of getting the wedding day all captured and then printed on that special paper is always a good one. Let’s say, a wedding picture is worth a thousand emotions and memories.

XO, Mish


  1. This is the type of photography which makes your special day alive and remembered forever. Some of the photographers are just photographers but few people are there who do it in a way that those photos never look old or get out of our mind. One of them are http://www.objektiv.com.au/, they really did wonder on my wedding.


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