29 September 2018

Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Rose Tea Brown Review

My favorite Liese Creamy Bubble Color shade would definitely be Rose Tea Brown - a choice from their Warm Brown series. I have probably consumed 6 to 8 boxes of it in the past two years. I actually discovered Liese in BeautyMNL. At first I was hesitant to buy it because I've never tried bubble hair color before and there weren't much review of the product online. But when I started using it, it instantly became my go-to DIY hair coloring product.

Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Rose Tea Brown

What it claims:

Creamy bubble color for a rich and long lasting color. Easy to apply. No drip bubble formula.

Color guide

Each box contains two solutions, rinse off hair treatment, foamer cap, a pair of gloves, and the instructions sheet.

Rinse off treatment, foamer cap, and allergy patch test


Extremely dry and super long roots. I forgot already what my previous hair color was but I am pretty sure I used Revlon.

For detailed instructions on how to use the product, you may check out my review of Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Milk Tea Brown.


I used only one box and it was able to cover my long hair. The bubbles have a pink/purple tint which I found really amusing.

I love how that this product is easy to use! I would usually need help when DIY-ing my hair color since it's hard to apply other hair color product evenly at the back of the hair. But with Liese, I can easily apply the bubble foam on my own hair, especially at the back of my hair, and it would still turn out even.


Vibrant warm brown shade with a hint of pink/red

The Good:

  • I love this shade! It is a lovely warm brown shade with a hint of pink. Sometimes though, I feel like my hair looks more red than pink.
  • This product is actually better than most DIY hair color products I have tried. Most hair color products do not produce the color that's on the box, but this one is quite true to the color it promises.
  • My hair color looks quite even. I didn't have to make sure that each strand gets covered because the formula is easily absorbed by the hair.
  • The product was just enough for my long hair. If you have super long hair though, you might have to use two boxes.
  • Super easy to use. It's easier to use than most DIY hair color products.
  • Fun to use as well! You could design your hair while waiting for the product to develop.
  • No stains on the skin.
  • My hair felt soft even after rinsing the bubble color. It is the only hair product that I have used that didn't dry up my hair so much.
  • The rinse off treatment made my hair extremely soft.
  • It is relatively affordable. Each box costs only P419 at Beautymnl and P449 at Watsons.
  • Easily available at Watsons, other department stores, and online (online shops or Beautymnl).

The Not-so-good:

  • The color fades after a few weeks and turns really brassy. My hair turned really orange-y.
  • My hair became dry after quite some time, even with regular conditioning. So I guess it's best to use a separate treatment to minimize damage.
  • The scent while applying can be quite disturbing and sometimes I feel like the product goes into my eyes. Be sure to have your hair colored in a well ventilated area.
  • It's not made for gray hair coverage. Since it's specially made to lighten Asian hair, it won't darken and cover gray hair. I think they have a separate line just for that.

1 week after. The red/pink tint  is still vibrant and visible.
1 month after. Warm brown shade still looks decent.
2 months after. The color has faded already and turned into a brassy orange color.

For a DIY hair color and for its price, Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Rose Tea Brown works quite decent. It has a shade that makes my hair stand out. If there's a need to urgently color my hair, I would without a doubt grab a box of my usual Rose Tea Brown. That's how much I love this product.

Have you tried Liese? Which shade is your favorite?

XO, Mish


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