10 July 2018

Enjoy Fusion Sushi and More at 81 Seihai Sushi Lounge

I haven't been active with blogging for a while (because life!!) but this comeback is nothing but explosive. And if you're asking with what? I would say that it is definitely with flavors. I recently visited a relatively new Japanese restaurant here in Quezon City that offers fusion sushi among others and I was truly impressed.

81 Seihai Sushi Lounge

81 Seihai Sushi Lounge is the brainchild of businessman Chris Cordero and Chef Ronnie de Guzman, the latter being also the Executive Chef of the restaurant. As their name suggests, they offer fusion sushi, among others. I believe that this is not your typical Japanese restaurant because it offers the best not only is taste, but also in service and ambiance through incorporating Japanese hospitality in catering to their customers and creating an appealing ambiance through Instagramable decors and pleasing music. 

Sushi bar
Lights were dimmed when the live band started to play

The place itself is impressive. Every spot is Instagramable. It is very spacious and well conceptualized. I am not sure what their sitting capacity is, but they can accommodate a whole lot. They even have an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy live music at night. They usually have an artist or DJ play there starting from nine in the evening. During weekends, they play club music to keep the night alive.

Aside from the bar and the sushi bar where you can witness how your sushi and drinks are made, another highlight of the restaurant is the mural that was hand painted by artist Mandy Martinez. You can see the painting on the ceiling and some of the walls. It was so intricate that it took almost three months to finish the entire thing. 

Outdoor seating area

When it comes to food, 81 Seihai Sushi Lounge not only offers fusion sushi as I have mentioned earlier. They actually have a wide variety of Japanese dishes in their menu. They offer donburi and other rice and set meals, curry, ramen, salads, traditional and special sushi, nigiri, sashimi, and udon, among others. Some of them even have a Filipino twist. 


Salmon Sakai - P340

The first dish that came out of the kitchen was the Salmon Sakai. It is a fusion of salmon, cream cheese, avocado, kani, ponzo, and aioli. It has a crunch upon the first bite since it was deep fried. The creamy and cheesy flavor just explodes in your mouth thereafter. 

Jalapeno Poppers - P280

The Jalapeno Poppers was one of my favorites. It has jalapeno, cream cheese, and deep fried spicy tuna on top. If you are worried that this dish might be too spicy for you, it actually has a mild flavor. You won't even get to taste the spiciness upon the first bite. It's just like an aftertaste. The spicy tuna on top has a refreshing taste which will make you want more.

When the Ninja Boat came out of the kitchen, my jaw just dropped. The photo above does not even give it justice. It was humongous and filled with all sorts of Japanese goodness. This sushi boat, which is good for four to six persons, is filled with assorted sashimi, ten pieces of assorted nigiri, crunchy roll, dragon roll, two handrolls, mixed tempura, soup, and salad.  

Ninja Boat - P3600

My favorite part of this dish would definitely be the sashimi (which you can also get separately for only P150 to P550 depending on which kind). It was absolutely fresh and has a clean taste. The servings of this dish was super generous and it is a nice option if you want to taste most of the special sushi that they are offering without ordering them individually.

Shitake Thermidor - P180

This pretty dish was simply an explosion of flavors and a nice twist to the thermidor dish. Shitake mushrooms, which are flavorful in itself, are topped with cheese and crab meat, among others. This got cleared quite fast. Not only was it physically appealing and appetizing, it also tastes great. I wish I had the entire plate to myself.


Beef Curry - P320
Chicken Curry - P250

Japanese curry is one dish that I don't get to eat often. I love how 81 Seihai's version was mild enough for people like me who are not used to this dish. The curry flavor was very subtle. The meat, both chicken and beef, were cut into bit sized pieces which makes it easier to eat. Both were tender so I think even kids would love this dish. It also has onions, potatoes, and carrots making it a whole lot healthier. 


Spicy Beef Ramen - P310

I am not really a fan of ramen but the Spicy Beef Ramen made me go for a second bowl. It is a tonkotsu based ramen with beef, leeks, and egg. Others found it too spicy, but I found it just right. I don't even have high tolerance for spicy food. It was a delight eating this dish as it's comforting not only because its warm and spicy but because its pork broth reminds me of a homemade dish.

Sisig Ramen - P330

81 Seihai's local version of the Ramen was made into life with their unique Sisig Ramen. Authentic sisig dish was incorporated in their ramen dish and topped with eggs, kalamansi, and chili for that fusion perfection. I love how the noodles are well cooked and not bloated. The broth amazingly tastes like sisig. I love sisig so I really liked the dish but if you are not used to eating pork innards then this dish might not be for you. 


Miso Salmon Steak with Mashed Potato - P520
Sesame Seared Tuna with Risotto - P550

If you prefer something fancy, the Miso Salmon Steak and the Sesame Seared Tuna are your best bets. Fresh salmon is cooked well done and topped over a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. On the other hand, a generous serving of tuna steak is covered with sesame seeds, beet root teriyaki and layered over shitake risotto. I think I was one of the few who liked the tuna better than the salmon and I stand by my choice because of the creamy risotto and the clean taste of the tuna. 


Vanilla Frappe - P125
Strawberry Okinawa - P135

You'll never run out of options when it comes to drinks. They have tons of hot and cold drinks to choose from including sodas, juices, coffee, fruit shakes, milkshakes, frappes, beer, and other alcoholic beverages, among others. We got to try some of their milkshakes and fruit shakes such as the Banana Smoothie, Watermelon Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Vanilla Frappe, and Mint Choco Frappe. I am not sure if the milk shakes go well with the sushi and other dishes but I guess this is where the fusion comes into play. Also if you are dining with kids, these are great options. 


Tempura Ice Cream - P190

One of their newest items in the menu is the Tempura Ice Cream. I've tried one at another Japanese restaurant before and I love 81 Seihai's version better. The serving is definitely much bigger and I love how they added whipped cream on top (I mean, who doesn't like whipped cream?). I love how it's adequately sweet and how it was fried nicely. 

Cheesecake - P190

The last dish that we were able to try out that night was the Cheesecake. I love how this dish was presented. I think I could say the same with the other dishes that came out of their kitchen. Everything was well conceptualized and aesthetically pleasing. I prefer cheesecakes that has a homemade feel and are a bit sour so I wasn't really a fan of their cheesecake because it was faintly sour. I loved though that it wasn't overly sweet. 

If you are looking for Japanese cuisine with a twist, visit 81 Seihai Sushi Lounge at the G/F President Tower, 81 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. They're open from 11AM until 2AM. You may reach them at (02)-355-0367 or 0915-513-7671.

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XO, Mish


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