22 October 2016

When in Zambales - Capones Island and Camara Island Tour

There are several coves and islands that can be found at Zambales. The more popular ones are also located at San Antonio such as Nagsasa Cove and Anawangin Cove. But whether or not you'll be staying at said coves, a trip to San Antonio, Zambales won't be complete without a tour or even a glimpse of Capones and Camara Islands. These two small islands can actually be seen from Pundaquit Beach. The scenery and sand that these islands offer are unlike the ones found at where we stayed at.

Capones Island on the left and Camara Island in the middle
Capones Island
Several coves, such as Anawangin and Nagsasa, from afar
Beautiful rock formation will welcome you at Capones

From Pundaquit Beach, you may reach Camara and Capones Islands through a 20 to 30 minute boat ride. I've been to island tours at Pangasinan and Aurora before and I was surprised when I saw our boat. It was tiny! And there were 7 of us plus 2 boatmen. Not that I am scared of the water, but Zack was with us during the tour so I was kind of hesitant. Nevertheless, we decided to push through with the trip. I got even more surprised upon seeing other boats. They're the same size as ours but there were more passengers.

Just look at how clear the water is!

The boat ride wasn't exactly smooth. The waves were a tad big even at 7 in the morning. But I think Zack had the most fun with the boat ride. I could see his face glow whenever we'd pass through waves, especially the big ones. We first headed to Capones Island which was farther from where we came from. When we got there at around 7am, there were only few boats. Some boats just stay for a while so that their passengers could take photos while several other tourists stayed there for quite some time. Some even mounted tents which is quite advisable because of the unbearable heat as the day goes on.

There were only few boats at around 7 in the morning
Sand was beautiful but the place was filled with trash

The beach at Capones Island is definitely whiter than the ones found at Pundaquit but both were just as coarse. The entire place was picturesque except for some trash left by other tourists. I even saw some broken beer bottles in the area so I was careful in walking around. The water isn't really shallow because the beach is somewhat sloped. But I'd say it's pretty safe for (bigger) kids to swim there since the waves and current by the beach aren't strong. 

Crowd at around 9 in the morning

Boats would usually leave their guests and would return for them at a designated time. We asked our boatmen to stay which was a great idea cause we needed the boat as a shade from the sun. Be sure to bring food and tons of water with you because there are no food stalls or even toilets in the area. Aside from staying at the beach, I think it is possible to climb up to the highest peak of the island as suggested by some Instagram users. I bet the scenery from the top is awesome!

From Capones Island, we then headed to Camara Island. It's a much smaller island than Capones. Instead of trees and hills, this island is covered with beautiful rock formation. The beach is quite shallow but there aren't much swimming space because of the boats that are docked around the island. Every space of the island is literally filled with boats! I wasn't able to go around this tiny island but I bet it's great.

Camara Island from afar. There were few tourists at around 7 in the morning.
Camara Island at around 9 in the morning. Packed already!
Our tiny boat!

For our half day tour, we were charged P200 per head (a total of P1200 since there's six of us, excluding Zack). I think the price is quite reasonable but I wish we availed though of a much bigger boat. Villa Janella arranged our tour and we were accommodated even if it was a last minute decision. My family and I had so much fun, especially Zack! He probably takes after me on being a beach and sea lover!

My water baby!

Anyway, here's our estimated budget for our overnight San Antonio, Zambales trip:
Transpo (Gas and toll) - P2800
Food (We ate at nice restaurants for our dinner and our lunch the following day. Otherwise, we would have spent only around P2000 to P3000) - more or less P5000
Accommodations at Villa Janella Resort - P4600
Capones/Camara tour - P1200
Total - P13600 for 6 adults (and 1 child) or around P2266 per head 

Hope this post helps you! :)

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XO, Mish


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