08 April 2016

Have a taste of New York at LES Bagels

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word "bagels" is New York simply because it is a popular breakfast item there. A few years back, I stayed in New York for the entire summer vacation. A week would not pass by without having bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. You could get them in bulk at supermarkets but it's always best to buy them fresh from local delis and bakeries. When I got back to Manila, I was extremely disappointed not to find any place that offers bagels with the same quality. Luckily we now have delis and bakeries here in Manila that offer authentic bagels and the like, such as LES Bagels.

LES Bagels New York Deli and Bakery or Lower East Side Bagels is the newest deli and bakery that offers New York's favorite breakfast staples - bagels, deli sandwiches, and bagel sandwiches. These are guaranteed to make you feel like you're having breakfast at the Lower East Side as their name suggests. Anyway, I visited their Podium branch a few weeks back to try them out.

The place is compact yet neat. It's like a place you'd want to drop by to before heading to work. And you could do just that because they open even before mall hours. Their menu is not as limited as you'll think. Aside from bagels, they also offer bagel sandwiches, salads, NYC style deli sandwiches, cookies, brownies, and other baked goodies. 

You could say that we had a bagel feast during our visit. The table was filled with all sorts of bagels and cream cheeses for us to try. They have different kinds of bagels for us to try and each definitely tasted authentic. Even the plain ones are incomparable to Starbucks' or CBTL's bagels which I found too dry, tough, and bland. Bagels at Les Bagels were chewy yet not difficult to eat and definitely tastier. They also make sure that every bagel they sell is fresh. Hence, every bagel that doesn't get sold during the day is disposed.  

And the cream cheese they offer adds to the entire dining experience. I was surprised with myself because I liked the Blueberry Cream Cheese the best. It was not too sweet as I expected and it goes well with any of the bagels. But if it is your first time eating bagels, I suggest you stick with the plain bagel with cream cheese to help you understand how perfect such combination is.

You could avail of any of the bagels for P40 each for Plain, Onion, Garlic, Whole Wheat, Wheat Everything, Black Sesame, Plain Everything variants; P60 each for Cinnamon Raisin, Black Russian, and Pumpernickel; P80 each for Blueberry and Chocolate; and P100 for Asiago. Be sure to check out their promos as they currently have a buy 1 take 1 promo on bagels after 8PM. On the other hand, cream cheese are sold individually or on a bagel. They also sell these in boxes for half dozen or a dozen.

As I have previously mentioned. Les Bagels also offers cookies and brownies that are equally delectable. During our visit, we were able to try out their Raspberry Cheesecake, Homemade Oreo, Oatmeal Maple Cream Cookie, and Espresso Hazelnut Brownie. Among those mentioned, the Espresso Hazelnut Brownie is a must try! It has a nice, rich taste. It's not too sweet and it's very moist.

To pair your bagels with, Yardstick coffee is likewise available at LES Bagels. As of now, they have LES Daily Brew, Iced Brew, and Iced Latte. I wanted to try out their iced coffees initially but I settled for their LES Daily Brew. I don't usually like brewed coffee because some blends are too strong for my preference, but I loved this one. I made it really creamy with tons of creamer and it became just right.

If you want authentic bagels that could take you to New York with just a bite, better head out to LES Bagels New York Deli and Bakery! They are located at 2/F Podium Mall for those living up north and at Tuscany Residences, Upper Mckinley Road, Fort Bonifacio for those living down south. 

Don't forget to check out their social media sites:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/lesbagels
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/les_bagels/

XO, Mish


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