02 January 2016

New Planner from Belle De Jour: BDJ Petit Planner 2016

Since classes started only last December, there was no need for me to study in coffee shops. Thus, I ended up caffeine-free and "planner-less" up until before the year ended. I don't religiously write on or monitor my previous planners, but the OC in me wanted one so I headed to the Belle De Jour website to get myself one. I was already decided on getting the Belle de Jour Power Planner in Smythesewn when I saw the BDJ Petit Planner. I was skeptical on getting it though because it didn't have a BDJ Lifestyle Card with it. But I wanted a compact planner which I could carry with me everyday so I ended up getting it. (Goodbye, one year free upsize at CBTL!) I paid via PayPal for the item and it was shipped the following day to my Metro Manila address. It normally costs P320 but I got it for only P300 (5% less for purchasing online) and paid for shipping fee of P50. Anyway, here's what's inside the new BDJ Petit Planner:

Features (from BDJ's website):
4.17x5.51 inches
224 pages
PVC sleeve with zipper
Monthly Planner
Big Ideas Worksheet
Bucket List Page

It's almost as small as a Samsung Galaxy S6!

The cover is extremely cute! I love the pastel color all throughout the planner and the simple and minimalist design (as compared to the regular BDJ Power Planners). The cover isn't hard bound, but it's covered with sturdy plastic so I guess it would last.

Yearly view
Monthly view
Weekly view

While this planner is small and compact, I find it complete. It has a monthly view and weekly view although the weekly view is kind of confusing because the pages do not show the month. It's just color coded. It's best to put a bookmark on it so that you won't get lost. It doesn't have the bills tracker, period tracker, health plan, etc. on it but it has lots of spaces for notes, bucket lists, and checklists.

My Big Ideas
Bucket Lists
Tons of Notes pages every month and at the end of the planner
Random Lists

This is by far the best planner I've ever owned! I want something that I could carry with me everyday and this one made it possible. I am still disappointed that it didn't have the BDJ Lifestyle Card with it. I really don't mind not having the coupons because I do not use them anyway. I am actually willing to pay a little more should there be a BDJ card with it. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my purchase. I can't wait to write more goals and put on lots of ideas and notes on it!

What planner did you get for 2016? :)

XO, Mish


  1. Happy New Years to each and every one of you !!
    May your year be blessed.

  2. This looks fantastic
    have a nice weekend


  3. Aww. This is super cute. I will check this out in the nearest bookstore. Hopefully its available.

    ❤️ Louise | www.louisechelleblog.com


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