19 January 2015

Belle De Jour / BDJ Power Planner 2015

I already got myself a planner for the year but there's no stopping me from getting the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015. Just like last year, the deal is my sister will keep the planner while I get the Lifestyle Card and some of the coupons that I like. This planner is definitely worth every peso because I was able to save a lot from the free CBTL upsize I get from the card.

This year, I got the Belle de Jour Power Planner in Smythesewn. For the past two years, I got the Spiral version and the Exclusive Grey Leather version. This one costs P538 with free provincial shipping. Best thing is that there are several payment options. I opted to pay with PayPal for this one.

Cover of the BDJ Power Planner Smythsewn

Anyway, here are some of the features of the new BDJ Power Planner:

Info part
BDJ Checklist 2015

Most of the parts of the BDJ Planner were maintained such as the BDJ Checklist, Health Plan, Cash Flow and Bills Tracker. However, there were several new ones that were incorporated in the new BDJ Power Planner 2015 such as the Ikigai, BDJ Box Challenge, Rules of Photography, among others.

Health Plan
BDJ Box Challenge
Rules of Photography

Personally, I like how the daily planner has a checklist although what I do is put items for school on the larger part and items for blogging on the checklist part. It helps me organize both without mixing them up or forgetting an item.

Monthly view
Weekly view
Bills Tracker

The best part about the BDJ Power Planner 2015 is that the coupons are now placed in a separate booklet. It's such a hassle how thick previous BDJ Planners were because of numerous coupons placed inside.  This time, they placed the coupons in a separate booklet to make the planner itself compact. I love how there are new shops and establishments that BDJ has paired up with such as 360 Fitness Club and Fitness First.

BDJ Lifestyle Card
Coupon tracker

Among the versions BDJ has come up with, I definitely like the Exclusive Leather Grey version the most. I am personally not a fan of the cover designs BDJ has come up with. I like simple ones and the grey version definitely suits my taste. Nevertheless, I am getting this planner for next year again.

What planner did you get for 2015? :)

XO, Mish

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