01 November 2014

RYU Ramen and Curry, SM Jazz Makati - Tantanmen Five Review

At first, ramen and curry do not seem to be a combination that would make me say "Wow! I'd like to eat that!" Luckily, my trip to RYU Ramen and Curry made me realize how smart this combination is. Ramen, which is considered as a part of the Japanese culinary art, paired with Curry, an ingredient that will surely spice up your palate, is one of the greatest way to enjoy Japanese cuisine. 

RYU Ramen and Curry considers their dishes as an art and their restaurants as a gastronomical gallery for such. Thus, they are known for creating The Art of Tantanmen and Curry. RYU (pronounced as ri-yu) actually means "dragon" in Japanese. And just like the legendary creature, RYU captures the imagination and gastronomical experience of those who gets to enjoy its dishes. By the way, RYU is actually part-owned by celebrity Ogie Alcasid.

RYU currently has three branches - one at UP Town Center in Katipunan and another in Tomas Morato. The one which I visited was at SM Jazz in Makati. I haven't been to their other branches but the one in SM Jazz seem to be their largest branch. It is indeed very spacious! It has its own (clean) bathroom, comfortable seats, and nice lighting and interior.

Before trying out their new dishes, we were treated to some of their bestsellers - Katsucheese Curry and RYU Ramen Curry. I was very eager to try out the Katsucheese Curry because the combination of cheese and katsu sounds amazing!

Katsucheese Curry - P360
RYU Ramen Curry - P380 

The Katsucheese Curry is definitely a must try! The outer part of the katsu is very crispy and the meat itself is very tender. Surprisingly, the curry goes well with the cheese, katsu, and rice. Every bite seem to be a treat with all those cheese! On the other hand, their signature dish - RYU Ramen Curry - is equally as good. I actually didn't know what to expect at first. My first sip though surprised me with its spiciness and curry flavor. You'll find it strong if you're not used to it. The spiciness lingers in my mouth but just right to boost my appetite.

As part of their new menu, RYU launches the Tantanmen Five. It consists of five Tantanmen dishes which were prepared by their culinary artists. Unfortunately, my blogger friends and I were able to try only four out of five. Nevertheless, we were still full right right after the review. It was also very timely to have their Tantanmen then because the weather was quite gloomy when we dropped by.

Yaki Buta Tantanmen - P380

Rich flavor of tender pork ribs that strips off the bone with a mix of fresh vegetables, and noodles in a bowl of miso based soup.

Karaage Tantanmen - P380

Hefty chicken pieces topped with shiitake mushroom, vegetables, and noodles in a bowlful of miso based broth.

Ebi Tantanmen - P430

Shrimp bits packed goodness in a bowl of flavorful miso based stock with fresh green vegetables, and noodles.

Classic Tantanmen - P360

Rich miso based broth with delectable chashu slices, spicy ground pork, soft boiled egg, and tasty noodles.

Everything seem new to my taste but they didn't put me off. You'll know from how they were presented that they are not your ordinary ramen dishes. These Tantanmen dishes have thick broth, firm noodles, and rich taste. I can't seem to decide though which one is my favorite. There is something to love in each of them. I love how the crispy chicken goes well with the broth in the Karaage Tantanmen. The pork ribs of the Yaki Buta Tantanmen literally melts in your mouth and adds more flavor to the ramen itself. Of course, the Ebi Tantanmen is not hard to fall in love with. The shrimp bits together with the vegetables seem to be the perfect ingredients to a ramen dish. Lastly, the Classic Tantanmen, which spiciness can be altered depending on your preference, proves that simple is better.

As regards the price of the Tantanmen Five, it ranges from P360 to P430. However, I consider it worth every peso because one serving is good for two persons. Honestly, I do not think I could finish one serving. Moreover, the way their dishes were thought of, made, and presented shows how exceptional they are. So if you want Ramen with a flavor of ingenuity, experience it only at RYU Ramen & Curry, The Art of Tantanmen and Curry.

RYU Ramen & Curry is conveniently located at Tomas Morato Quezon City +632 709 8789, U.P. Town Center Katipunan Ave. Quezon City +632 294 3574, and SM Jazz Makati +632 874 1022

Visit their social media accounts as well:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Ryu.Ramen.Curry
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ryuramencurry
Instagram - http://instagram.com/ryuramenandcurry

Thank you Ryu Ramen and Curry and Open Rice for inviting me!

XO, Mish

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  1. looks great! :)

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  2. Hi Mish! :-) This is a great blog entry about RYU Ramen and Curry. I also ate there one time and here's the thing I wrote about them: http://nixca316foodie.blogspot.com/2014/04/ryu-ramen-and-curry-sm-jazz-jupiter-cor.html

    Cheers! Hope to see you in one of those blogging events again one day!


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