09 November 2014

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

Endorsements have always been a huge part of Kris Aquino's career. We've all known her as one of the most popular and sought after endorser of numerous brands and products here in the Philippines, one of which is Chowking. With various television commercials and billboards nationwide for Chowking, it is undeniable that it is one of the brands that Kris truly trusts. As a brand that seemed to harmonize well with Kris’ taste and beliefs, she decided to take her partnership with it to a whole new level.

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

As a part of this huge celebration of success and awaited announcement, bloggers and members of the press were treated to various attractions. Among the attractions that were prepared for us were the lucky tree, fortune telling, charms making, and Chinese calligraphy. Likewise, we were offered the newest addition to Chowking's menu - the super cute Panda and Piggy pao. 

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee
Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee
My fave part! Charms making based on our Chinese zodiac sign. :D
Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

As I have previously said, this partnership is no longer limited to a simple endorsement which commenced when Kris endorsed some of the fast food’s Chinese favorites earlier this year, Chinese-Style Fried Chicken and Chunky Asado Siopao. . Today, the Philippines’ Queen of All Media will open her first Chowking franchise this November 2014, located at Ali Mall in Cubao, Quezon City.

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee
During this Royal Banquet, everyone was treated to a (what I called) make-your-own-lauriat. Their bestsellers - Chinese-Style Fried Chicken, Siomai, Pansit Platter, Buchi - just go well with one another.
Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

The hardworking career mom kept on telling everyone why she decided to become Chowking's franchisee. “I feel that if you’re going to endorse a brand, it should be something that’s both aspirational and reachable,” says Kris. “But it’s different if it’s about being a franchisee. One should invest on something they really trust and love.

“That’s what I felt when I chose to partner with Chowking. Not only do I really love their food, it’s a brand I’ve found that’s comforting and one I trust that can bring me more success.” And this success, she aspires not only for herself but also for her children who are her greatest inspiration.

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

Ferns Yu, President of Chowking, was likewise very excited with this new partnership. “2014 has been yet another positive year for Chowking. We are aggressively renovating and opening new stores and this move with Kris is one of the best highlights of this endeavor,” says Yu. “It’s a rare opportunity to have your endorser as a franchisee. Perhaps, there’s really harmony between Kris and the brand.”

Yu adds that they knew how Kris favors home-cooked meals, as she mentioned it during the interviews they had during the shoots for the ads. “But it’s really heartwarming to know that she wouldn’t mind having a Chowking take-out to share with her family during the days that it’s really impossible for her to cook. 

“That’s why this partnership says a lot about Chowking—it complements her taste and her appreciation towards good food; and given that we are a brand that continues to grow because of hard work, we find her as the best embodiment of our success.” 

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

Kris recounts how making stops at Chowking during long road trips for KrisTV tapings has been a ritual for her crew. “I really love their menu! Believe me, I’ve had countless takes in the shoots and the food is just irresistibly good,” she shares. She furthermore shared that the Chinese Style Fried Chicken has become her favorite that she took 72 bites from the it without having to spit any during her commercial shooting. 

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

Indeed, when you see a celebrity shopping from the store of the brand he or she endorses, you could probably say that it’s an expected commendation. But when that endorser becomes a franchisee, it becomes a totally different story—a bond forged in trust and harmony.

Chowking welcomes Kris Aquino as newest franchisee

At present, Chowking currently boasts of over 400 branches in the Philippines. Some of the leading delicious Chinese favorites in their roster are the Chinese-Style Fried Chicken, Chunky Asado Siopao, Pork Chao Fan, and the Meaty Wanton Mami.

Visit their social media accounts here:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/chowkingph
Twitter - https://twitter.com/chowking_ph
Instagram - http://instagram.com/chowkingph

XO, Mish

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