05 November 2013

Early November Haul

It always feels like Christmas whenever I receive items from Romwe. Their products are always up to date and the quality could live up to your expectations. Anyway, I'd be sharing to you some of the items I got from Romwe last month. These came in two batches, but they arrived at the same time (probably 3 to 4 weeks from after I ordered them). I made friends with the mailman so I just text him whenever I am expecting a package. :)

Single Oblique Shoulder Nude Pink Dress - $45.99

I got this dress for a friend's wedding. It would be a garden wedding and the bride wanted her guests to wear relaxed formal clothes in light colors. When I saw this dress, I knew that this is the one! I was worried that it won't arrive on time, but it did. It was a huge relief cause I don't want to spend money anymore on clothes. The dress was quite huge for me even if it is already XXS, so I am having it altered. Otherwise, it is perfect!

British Style Red Shirt - $24.99

I actually got this shirt for my sister to match her new Palladium shoes. Hope she would lend me her shoes though. :p

Earth Pendant Necklace - $9.99

I got the necklace for no particular reason. I just like things associated with travelling and adventure. I am quite skeptical with wearing the necklace though cause the globe is inverted. Not that I am superstitious or anything, that might actually mean something. :|:) But I'll definitely wear these items in outfit posts soon!

XO, Mish

PS, Don't forget to check out Romwe's latest sale! Up to 50% off on selected party-ready items! Sale lasts until November 11 only! :)

Go to: http://www.romwe.com/Party-Season-Round-1-c-332.html

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  1. i'm loving that dress! :)



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