25 October 2013


Have you noticed my blog's new layout? I just wanted to cry whenever I see it. :') It's just so pretty! This one was made again by Nira Ballena of http://www.niraballena.blogspot.com who also made my previous blog layout. I did not actually ask for anything specific from Nira except for the colors which were lavender and mint green (my all time favorites!) and some details on the arrangement. I was just amazed on how pretty the blog ended up. The fonts and the colors all went great together. The arrangement was really neat as compared to the previous arrangement (which I unfortunately messed up). Again, she has exceeded my expectations! I honestly think my blog looked more professional with this new layout.

Nira even helped me make my business card. At first, I cannot understand why business cards are so important in blogging (since everything is actually done online). But since I wanted to take blogging seriously, I guess coming up with a business card is a huge step forward. :)

I hope you like my blog's new layout!

XO, Mish

PS, You may contact Nira at niraballena(at)yahoo(dot)com to have your blog layouts prettified as well. :)

1 comment:

  1. Love the new layout! :) And thanks for the info about Nira! I'll keep that in mind.



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