27 April 2013

Romwe Haul + Summer Classes

Apparently, another haul post will be up again this week! If you have noticed, I rarely post about my hauls cause I do not really shop often. I prefer to spend money on food rather than spend it on clothes and I only shop for new clothes if I really need it or if I desperately want it. Anyway, two packages from Romwe.com came in this week and I was so giddy to see them when I came home from school. Although the customs fees seemed to have increased, I am still lucky that the post office mails my packages straight to our house. I have noticed though that if packages are bulky or placed in a box, it takes a longer time for them to deliver the package. But I won't complain, cause I don't even know where the post office is at our area. :p

Bart shirt! When I first saw this on Lookbook, I just have to purchase one! :)

The material of this Red Shift Dress is thicker that what I expected. It has a pretty color, but the fitting is not that flattering on me. I'll probably have it altered.

I now have a favorite skirt! This Retro Ruffle Skirt from Romwe fits me well. It's flow-y and very cute when worn. Will post an outfit using this one soon!

Lastly, I got this bag from Romwe as a gift! Don't you just love the colors and print? :)

The Bart shirt would always be my favorite among the items in this post. Anyway, I am on a week vacation from school now. However, that does not mean that I have more spare time. I got a research paper to finish and I have an exam next week. So far, I am enjoying my summer classes. It's quite tiring having to commute everyday when it's 35 degrees outside, but my classmates are really interesting and amusing. They are carefree and they crack jokes every now and then. They are probably five years younger than me so spending some time with them makes me feel young, too. Lol!

XO, Mish


  1. cut out yung likod nang red dress mo? I was thinking of buying it din..

    1. Yup, sis! Medyo mainit yung material pero maganda talaga yung color. :)

  2. love the bag and shirt!!


  3. loooove this shirt with bart :)

    xoxo Christy

  4. nice clothes!


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