24 February 2018

Satisfy your Comfort Food Cravings at Soul Potato

There's nothing like comfort food to instantly put you in a good mood. As for me, hearty American food never fails to cheer me up. But these kinds of dishes are usually priced higher than your average meal. I don't think it is practical to have them frequently. Luckily, there are now local entrepreneurs that offer such dishes at a much lower price and one of which is Soul Potato.

Soul Potato is a humble food stall at Devour Food Hub in Quezon City. It boasts of freshly cooked American dishes that would surely satisfy your comfort food cravings. They offer these dishes at an affordable price without ever sacrificing taste and quality. So I don't think there's any reason for us to deprive ourselves of our favorite comfort food dishes. It's basically a cheat day everyday without the guilt.

Shepherd's Pie - P160

Their signature dish was a hit among us! I thought it was a pasta dish when it came out, but I was amazed that it was a totally different dish. The Shepherd's Pie is a combination of Aussie beef in tomatoes and bell peppers, topped with mashed potatoes, mozzarella cheese, and potato crisps. What I love most about this dish is the texture. It was crispy on top and soft on the inside. The meat was incredibly flavor and it went well with the mashed potatoes.

Country Fried Pork in 'Shroom Gravy - P180

Most of the time, I underestimate fried pork dishes because they don't amuse me that much. But Soul Potato's Country Fried Pork surprised me. The breaded meat was well seasoned and was cooked perfectly. Some pork cutlets aren't usually soft but theirs was easy to cut and chew. Kids would love this dish. I also love how the saltiness of the meat was just enough and how the peppered mushroom gravy gave the meat that extra flavor.

Hickory BBQ Pork Steak - P180

I love grilled meat and the Hickory BBQ Pork Steak was one of the dishes that caught my attention. I was surprised though to find out how mild the taste of the meat was. While it didn't suit my taste that much, the smoked barbeque sauce was the star of this dish. It was flavorful and it gave the seasoned pork steak the right amount of kick.

Baby Back Ribs - P260

Hands down the best dish I tasted that night. This latest addition to the menu was incredibly succulent and delicious. I wish I had this mouthwatering dish to myself. The meat is literally 'melts in your mouth' soft. The ribs in itself was already flavorful but the dipping sauce that came with it made it extra. A small amount of sauce definitely goes a long way. 

Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt - P180

If you are looking for another dish that kids will also like, the Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt is another choice. It has a pizza like taste because it is mainly made with breaded chicken breast fillet, marinara sauce, and melted toasted mozzarella cheese. I love how they maintained the chicken juicy inside. The dish was served with rice but you can also opt to have it served with mashed potatoes. I think the latter goes better with the dish.

Grilled Chimichuri Tomahawk Chops - P230

Another favorite at Soul Potato was the Grilled Chimuchuri Tomahawk Chops. It was heavenly! I love everything about this dish. The chimichuri which was especially made by Soul Potato's Chef Mickey was a breath of fresh air. The grilled bone-in pork tomahawk chops was tender and well seasoned. Definitely a must try!

Visit Soul Potato at  Devour Food Park, 1216 E. Rodriguez, Brgy, Mariana, Quezon City. Don't forget to check out their social media accounts: 

XO, Mish


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