08 February 2016

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen

All this time, I see myself as a generally healthy person, especially when it comes to my lifestyle choices. However, my view entirely changed during an event held at Carmelo's a few days back where Cohen's Lifestyle Centre invited the media and several bloggers to a truly enlightening talk. I know the stress I get from law school affects my health a lot, but little did I know that my food and other health choices make everything worse. Anyway, I think the new year is just the perfect time for me to be healthy and maintain such condition and with Cohen, I was able to learn more on how I could just do all that.

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre

According to the Chinese calendar, the commencement of the Year of The Monkey is a time for adventure, discovery, change, and progress. The start of the year is also a time for new beginnings, where New Year’s resolutions are often made, either listed on paper or kept in the back of your mind. More often than not, these resolutions include goals to become healthier, more fit and happier. Amid the eagerness to follow new health programs, doctors also advise people to be cautious. “Consider the sources first before following any diet or fitness trend. Do not also forget to consult with your doctor to know exactly what is best for your body,” says Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre.

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre
Dr. Monica Therese Cating-Cabral, M.D. an active consultant of Internal Medicine – Endocrinology at St. Luke's Medical Center Global City with published studies on diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders, talks about NCDs as one of the biggest health issues this year.

In 2016, health trends gear towards preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), which is one of the biggest health issues of the year. According to Dr. Monica Cabral, an active consultant of Internal Medicine-Endocrinology at St. Luke's Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City, “Tobacco use, lack of physical activity, harmful use of alcohol, and unhealthy diets all increase the risk of dying from an NCD. But while the diabetes and obesity epidemics are rapidly increasing, they are mostly preventable and treatable.”

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre

Mobility helps prolong life.
Physical activity continues to be important in 2016. Whether it’s using machines at the gym for an hour a day or simply taking a brisk 15-minute walk a few days a week, research shows that moving around reduces the risk of dying from non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart attack among others. Improvements in breathing, endurance, flexibility, bone and muscle strength, and even mental health and mood, are just a few positive effects of keeping in motion.

Moderated drinking and decline of tobacco use.
Medical research still points to heavy smoking and heavy drinking as key causes of heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, and a declining immune system. Evidence is growing that the combined abuse of tobacco and alcohol can dramatically increase the risk of certain cancers (particularly in the mouth and throat) and problems with the liver (cirrhosis) and digestive system (peptic ulcers, inflammations, etc.). 

Going natural
Because of various reports that link processed meat and red meat to chronic diseases, people are expected to consume more organic food and use plant-based protein alternatives. Dependence on prescription drugs in treating various illnesses will also lessen as more people favor natural remedies, like food therapy, vitamin and mineral supplements, and aromatherapy.

Food is your medicine.
Given the current trend of using natural remedies, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre uses food as medicine to address the hormonal imbalance causing obesity and obesity-related diseases. The Cohen’s Lifestyle Program uses scientifically proven wellness and weight loss plans based on the biochemical analysis of the blood as formulated by international specialist Dr. Rami Cohen. The Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre develops the program and teaches clients the right cooking, eating and sleeping habits to optimize the performance of organs vital for metabolic processes. Without requiring exercise, injection or pill intake, the program delivers fast results, with clients averaging a loss of up to 8 to 10 lbs a month.

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre
Barbara Young, CEO of Cohen's Lifestyle Centre Philippines
Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre

Cohen's programs are personalized because each person has different health and wellness needs due to genetic make-up, biochemistry, and the effects of one’s personal environment. Thus, one's program would definitely not work as efficient with another. During the event, we likewise met several Cohen graduates who shared their own experiences in undergoing the program. All agreed that discipline is tough but through Cohen's support group they were able to become healthy and stay healthy even after their program ended.

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre
Graduates of the Cohen program (From left to right: Allan Elgar, Carmela Tanjangco, Eric Valera, Sheryll Chua, Jam Padilla, Tasha Santos, David Kahn, and Barbara Young)

One of the things that I learned during the event was to choose for a better source of food, particularly of carbohydrates. As Filipinos, our meals are not complete without rice. However, there are now veggies such as zucchini and cauliflower turned into Cauli-rice and Z-oodles for a healthier carb source. I now believe that these small choices definitely make a huge impact on our health. And nothing beats discipline, control, and dedication when it comes to diet, or rather lifestyle change.

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre

In the Philippines, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre has successfully helped overweight and obese clients since 2009, but it is expected to become more visible in 2016 as more Filipinos seek natural, safer and personalized weight loss options. Clients have improvements in their breathing, mobility, disposition, immune system, blood pressure and sugar levels, among others. The Centre has continued to innovate by introducing Cohen Meals of Wheels, which are personalized and healthy ready-to-eat gourmet meal sets delivered to your doorstep. The support program has strengthened with follow-up consultations, while Cohen’s Lifestyle Center itself has become more accessible by moving to the medical hub of Makati, Medical Plaza Building.

Be Healthy this Year of the Fire Monkey with Cohen's Lifestyle Centre
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For more information about the Cohen’s Lifestyle Center and its personalized weight loss and wellness program, visit its website at www.CohenLifestyle.com.ph, its official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CohenLifestylePhil, and its official Instagram account at http://instagram.com/cohenlifestyleph.

XO, Mish

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