04 June 2014

Maleficent Block Screening at TriNoma Cinemas

My favorite Disney Princess will always be Princess Aurora. Most people actually know little about her and they would often refer to her as the Sleeping Beauty. I guess the new movie, Maleficent, is Disney's way of reintroducing the fairy tale. For one, that the villain's name is actually Maleficent and that she has a story behind her.

Of course, I badly wanted to see the movie of my favorite Disney Princess. When I missed another block screening offered for bloggers, I thought I would have to wait until the movie shows up on cable TV (haha!). Luckily, I was one of the bloggers that was invited to TriNoma's block screening of the movie. Thank you for making me one happy kid! In addition to that, I even happier cause I was able to bring my sister with me as my movie date.

The block screening of Maleficent was held last May 29 at TriNoma Cinema 1. Before the movie started, snacks prepared by TGI Friday's and Fish & Co. were offered to guests. My sister and I came in a little bit late for the cocktails but we still managed to eat loads of carbo. Fish & Co.'s carbonara is the bomb!

Watching the movie at TriNoma Cinemas is such a delight! I actually haven't seen a movie at TriNoma, or at any Ayala mall, before. But I am now convinced in trying out Fairview Terraces' cinema probably when The Fault In Our Stars comes out. The seats at TriNoma Cinemas were very comfortable and even if we were seated in the right most side of the theater, we were still able to see the film with ease. It was also adequately cold inside the cinema.

I was really happy that I was given the chance to see this movie! I definitely fell in love with the film, not because Aurora's my favorite, but because the story was amazing. It was something that you'll never expect. It validated my opinion about an individual's goodness and it gave me hope - that true love does exist.

This movie's definitely one not to be missed, especially if you are a Disney fan! Visit TriNoma Cinemas at Level 4 of TriNoma Mall, Quezon City for an awesome movie experience. :)

XO, Mish

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