08 June 2014

Develop Your Full Potential at John Robert Powers

It has been a lifelong dream for me to attend a personality development class with John Robert Powers. In case you haven't heard of JRP (which is very unlikely), it is a network of schools and centers worldwide specializing in the teaching of personal development, personality enhancement and imaging, as well as communications, modeling and acting. When I told my closest friends that I would be attending an Image and Skills Enhancement Workshop at JRP, they told me that I don't need it anymore. However, I believe that we all still have some aspect in ourselves that needs improvement and polishing.

What I attended was a 2-day Image and Skills Enhancement Workshop - a preview of JRP's personality development program. Unfortunately, I was able to attend only the 2nd day of the workshop. From what my classmates told me, the first day consisted of basic self-image enhancement workshop such as makeup, wardrobe, poise, etc. During the second day of the workshop, we had Social and Business Etiquette and Voice Communication classes.

The Social and Business Etiquette class was conducted by Ms. Arlene Abiera. We were taught about the basics of introductions, social skills, and business etiquette - the do's and don'ts in a business and social setting. The Voice Communication class, on the other hand, was conducted by Mr. Francis Robert Leocadio. During the session, we were taught ways on how we could improve our speech and voice to be a more effective communicator.

As a law student, I could say that I have learned a lot from these two classes. I still think I lack the skill and confidence to be a better communicator. Based on my self-observations, I still stutter when I speak in English and I am not confident enough to use the language. Also, I think I lack the knowledge in some aspects of business etiquette. I felt so clueless with how I should present myself and deal with people in general. Sometimes, I just feel so awkward. But now, equipped with the basics in communication and social etiquette, I could say that I have gained confidence and it was a great start for me to improve myself. I believe though that becoming fully confident and comfortable with myself takes time and practice. I honestly cannot wait to use the skills I have learned in school. It may help me gain better recitation grades. :)

Of course, the basic workshop that I attended doesn't end there as JRP offers a Multi-Level Curriculum System depending on the needs of an individual. 

Level I: Basic Personality Development Program
  • To create an awareness for the need of greater self-improvement by understanding the basics of the foundational modules namely: Personal Transformation, Effective Communication, Image, and Social and Business Etiquette
Level II: Integrated Image Enhancement
  • To increase an awareness of oneself, to further improve one's communication skills and the enhancement of one's image by integrating the elements of image
Level III: Skills Integration & Development
  • To integrate one's skills using the self in relation to the bigger community, advancing one's communication skills via assertive communication, an introduction to the concept of Power Dressing and how to develop one's style
Level IV: Skills Advancement & Career Application
  • To further advance one's skills that are useful for one's career, such as effective high-impact presentation skills, negotiation skills, travel and trans-cultural etiquette, and photo shoot to further enhance and improve one's visual image.
Level V: Lifetime, Executive & Celebrity Program
  • To further sharpen one's communication skills including high impact presentation skills, advanced negotiations, business protocol, food and wine appreciation, portraiture - All these aim to bring to the highest level one's communication and negotiation skills, impressive visual image and poise, social graces, and a refined lifestyle.

Aside from their Personality Development workshops, JRP also offers the English Learning Program which is structured to work for the casual user up to sophisticated speaking and writing applications. JRP's unique training integrates Teacher-led Classes, Conversation Club, Online Grammar Cafe, and English for Specific Purposes. The curriculum develops and enhances the macro skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - which results to English users who create positive impressions.

For parents and their kids, JRP offers the Dynamic Parenting Workshop and The Future Leaders Program. The Dynamic Parenting Workshop is designed to empower parents who seek to improve their sense of personality in general and parenting in particular. The program consists of ten (10) different topics relevant to the formation of a more constructive and responsive parenting approach. 

My classmates for the day with Mr. Francis Leocadio

The Future Leaders Program is a 60-hour program that is inclusive of an all-year-round refresher course. The successful integration of the John Robert Powers’ Personality Development, Oral Communication and Creative Writing programs makes for an exceptional learning experience for children and creates a strong foundation for their promising future.The program is carefully structured with the intent of creating fun classes that will help children within the ages of 4 to 6 years old develop a positive sense of self, confidence and independence. 

With fellow mommy bloggers, Joy of joygurtiza.com and Pinky of okasaneko.wordpress.com, from the Mommy Bloggers Philippines group. :)

If you aren't sure yet which aspects about you need improvement, JRP offers a free assessment so that you'll know which program you should focus on. John Robert Powers currently have three branches:

Alabang - 2nd Flr JJACCIS Bldg., 1208 Acacia Ave. Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City / (02)6590052 * (63)09178195351

Makati - 4/F Casmer Building, 195 Salcedo Street, Makati City / (02)8929511 * (63)09175960939

Quezon City - Ground Floor, Cinderella Building, 825 EDSA, Quezon City / (02)9270465 * (63)09175018295

For more information, please visit their sites:
Website - http://www.johnrobertpowers.ph/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JRPManila
Twitter - https://twitter.com/JRP_Philippines

XO, Mish


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