07 April 2014

Affordable and Quality Baby Products by Baby World

Before I had Z, I was literally clueless with what exactly should I buy for him. Of course, I knew of the basics (bottles, diapers, clothes, etc.) but I didn't know how many should I get, what brand should I purchase, and so on. I had to read numerous articles over the web to finally complete my baby shopping checklist but they are not seem to be accurate. I guess you'll never know what you really need until the baby comes out, most especially for newbie moms. 

I remember coming across Baby World during one of my shopping trips at the department store. I think I purchased some Baby World washcloths which we still use up to now. Being the clueless mommy that I was, I became too brand conscious and bought expensive items that we only used for quite some time and some we didn't use at all. I was skeptical in buying products which were locally made because I didn't want to compromise the quality of the products I'll be using on Z. Looking back, I definitely wish I had known Baby World products thoroughly. 

photo from www.facebook.com/BabyWorldPH

At a lunch event last week, I was finally fully introduced to Baby World - a complete line of baby products manufactured by Hilton International Philippines. Hilton International Philippines started in 1993, and since has continued to provide the most affordable and quality products for your babies needs. Some of these baby products include:

• Baby Bibs
• Baby hangers, pins, and diaper clips
• Bath Tub
• Blankets
• Cotsheet
• Feeding Bottles
• Feeding Dishes
• Kids Rider
• Potty Seats
• Puzzle Mat
• Rattle
• Teether
• Wash Cloth & Bathrobe

Grooming kits, towels and bathrobe, and other travel items for baby
Complete feeding set for your newborn

The biggest lesson I probably learned during the event was that you should never judge a product by its price tag. When they were doing a demo on the some of the products, I was definitely impressed. With such an affordable price, Baby World's products are worth buying. I remember being obsessed with feeding bottles when I had Z. I got the most expensive ones which are BPA free, anti colic, etc. Baby World also offers peristaltic nipples which are only P90 for a pack of 2. The ones I got are priced at around P300 for a pack of 2 and they have the same features. Can you imagine the difference in price? Anyway, here are some of the other items that wowed me during the event:

The Baby Cushion Potty Seat is made with soft padded, hygienic PVC and is ideal for baby toilet training. It is easy to use as it can be placed directly onto the existing toilet seat. Fits the budget at P329.75 & P489.75 for potty seat with handle support. We were able to touch how soft and comfy the seat is. The print is too attractive that the kid himself would initiate seating on it. I definitely need one of these for Z when he's finally ready to be potty trained. 

They also offer items perfect for travelling. The Disposable Nursing Pads have an ultra-thin but super absorbent contour for a natural fit and two non-slip adhesive tapes so that the pad stays in place. The soft, star-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the core pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage. It comes in boxes of 12’s at P99.75, 24’s at P189.75 & 36’s at P269.75. The Disposable Multi-Purpose Change Mat has an extra absorbent layer, leak proof liner & water-resistant backing that can be used to keep babies safe from unclean surfaces. Every pack of 4 multi-Purpose Change Mats costs only P69.75.

The Disposable Nappy Liner is designed to capture poo in the diaper for easy disposal and cleaning. It prevents wetness from touching baby’s sensitive skin. Every pack of 30 liners cost only P69.75. On the other hand, the Disposable Bib has a water-resistant backing, soft and absorbent, no ties or hooks and convenient. Every pack of 6 costs only P69.75 & in a travel box of 20 at P249.75. They're all so affordable, right?

Owner, Jackie Sadhwani, trying out one of the disposable bibs. :)

Aside from those, Baby World also offer items for recreation such as play gyms and puzzle mats which are very safe to use. It literally has everything and anything you could think of when it comes to babies. It always sees to it that its products is updated with regards to new trends in baby products. Its mission is to offer the best lifestyle but at budget friendly rates. The best part is that its products are available in all leading department stores, supermarkets & other retail shops nationwide.

Although I am far from having a kid again, I hope this article helps expecting moms, especially the newbies, in their next shopping trip. Buying affordable products does not mean that you compromise the quality of your child's needs.  At this point, we have to be practical at all times. And besides, you won't have to use these products forever. The kids outgrew them quickly and some, like the nipples, should have to be disposed of after several months. Reconsider and buy affordable, yet quality products for you little ones.

Happy shopping, mommies!

XO, Mish

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