28 March 2014

The Appraisery: One Stop Venue for Coffee, Clothing and Collectibles

I frequent Cubao Expo almost every single day as my friends in law school love to eat and hang out there. But I have never tried other places to eat aside from the usual Fred's or Alan's. What I know is that Cubao Expo has numerous unique concept stores and restaurants, aside from the usual shoe stalls. However, what I didn't know before our event is that this place have much more to offer without breaking the bank. One of these unique places to visit at Cubao Expo is The Appraisery.

Owned by Victor Prieto (who actually mans the place himself), The Appraisery is one concept store where you could find literally everything - from items for gaming, clothing articles, and great food and coffee! I could say that this place is a man's go-to place slash heaven, although I think that the ladies would definitely come back for their dishes and drinks and the clothes they sell.

Even if you are actually not familiar with card games, the people from The Appraisery would willingly teach you how to play.

As I have said, they also have clothes and accessories aside from gaming items. This is not your ordinary thrift shop cause all the clothes and shoes they have in store are branded items. What they actually had in mind was for people to come and have their items appraised and for them to resell the item. Hence, the name. Just in case the items turned out to be not the type they are looking for, they'll give you an option to donate the items to a charitable institution that they are helping.

This place is a dream for frugal fashionistas (like me). One need not literally have to spend a lot in buying designer items cause they have all sorts in their store. On one occasion, they even sold Jinri Park's items in their store! Of course, you are assured that all of the clothing items are in good shape and condition. 

What people don't know about The Appraisery is that they also offer food and drinks in their store - from coffee mixes and blends to paninis and pastas. Initially, I thought that this place is a mere concept store which offers beer for their gaming customers. It did not occur to me that they also offer delectable treats. This place definitely turned out, for me, to be a one stop shop! 

The Appraisery takes pride in their coffee mixes and blends. Victor has envisioned The Appraisery to carry coffee mixes which are not only something to look forward to, but something that is worth your money. With a cup of coffee ranging from only P50 to P120, you'll be amazed at how their coffee is incomparable to other coffee shops' mixes. They even have coffee infused with alcohol which I assume to be super yummy! 

Victor, a dedicated barista, makes the coffee himself. He said that making coffee is both a science and an art. He even taught us how to make the perfect espresso shot - from grinding fresh coffee beans, to tamping, and finally using the espresso machine. Though I don't think I could make one yet cause I need several hands-on practices. :p Whenever they're packed, he has people with him in the shop who makes coffee just as awesome. 

Espresso 101 with Victor

Here are several of the drinks that my blogger friends and I were able to try:

Green Tea Matcha Latte

What I ordered was the Kumbaya which is part of their (not so) Secret Menu. Let me tell you that the drink is heavenly! It has an espresso shot, cream, milk, graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, nuts, and white chocolate syrup. :D You have to move the straw up and down to enjoy it. I actually have the tendency to get a weird feeling after drinking coffee, but this one kept me up until 1 in the morning without any palpitations or anything. Honestly, this is the best coffee drink that I ever tried!

Clockwise: Mocha Frappe, The Michelle, Peanut Butter Frappe, and Kumbaya

The Peanut Butter Frappe is super yummy, too! Although infused with coffee, it is not strong at all. The Michelle is also something worth trying. It is not your typical sweet coffee drink as it has spices which mildly adds flavor to it. Aside from coffee, they also take pride in their paninis which Victor has conceptualized himself. Some are actually inspired by his childhood in the States. 

Chicken Avocado Pesto Triple Decker - P175

I am not used to Avocado being eaten as a sandwich filling. I've always had it as a dessert so I am not sure how it tasted without all the cream and sweeteners. Surprisingly, this panini did not taste weird at all. The avocado is not too overpowering and it went well together with the pesto. Among the sandwiches that we tasted, this one's definitely the best! It was served with cassava chips which are considered healthier than potatoes. 

Sushi Sandwich - P185

When this platter went out of the kitchen, I can't help but be thrilled. This Sushi Sandwich is just too cute to eat! Not all 8 mini sandwiches contains the same filling. Some of it has ham and veggies, while the other pieces has smoked salmon and veggies in it. It was again served with cassava chips and this addicting aioli dip. We even asked for another batch of the dip. It was that amazing!

Oregon Tuna Melt - P180

This is definitely not your ordinary tuna melt. I don't think I've had tuna melt with such distinct taste before. As Victor said, this tuna melt is not like the ones which you can have in New York. It has a tangy taste cause of the vinaigrette incorporated in it. It also has veggies added in it. If you're feeling healthy, this one's your choice!

The Big Mig / Pull Pork Sandwich - P220

Filled with 23 different ingredients, The Big Mig, without a doubt, will keep you full! I actually already feel full by just staring at it lol. It has what one does not expect from a pull pork sandwich. However, this one will definitely not disappoint you! It is quite tangy and spicy, but the spice is definitely tolerable. The pork is very tasty and tender. Yum! 

Grilled Veggie Panini - P150
Sweet Grilled Panini - P120

Lastly, they have Grilled Veggie Panini for those who are on a diet as this is packed with just enough carbohydrates to keep you going and loads of veggie goodness. And for those who are not, they have a sweet grilled panini filled with everything nice in it. You can even order it with ice cream on top! :)

Please don't forget to drop by at The Appraisery. They are located at Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo St., Cubao, Quezon City. They're open every Tuesdays until Sunday from 2pm until 12mn to 2am. Thank you Aldous for coming up with this event and The Appraisery for inviting us! :D

Visit their sites, too!
Website - http://www.theappraisery.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Appraisery/445288108825571
Twitter - http://twitter.com/Appraisery

XO, Mish

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