20 July 2018

The Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Your Wedding

I enjoy seeing flower girls the most in a wedding. Well, that is aside from the bride and the groom themselves. They are just a delight to see all dolled up in their dreamy and cute flower girl dresses. Some even have the loveliest headdresses to match their dresses. They all look so incredibly adorable, don’t you think?

Shopping for flower girl dresses is has always been based on what the entire entourage would be wearing, especially when it comes to color and dress styles. For couples that are willing to splurge, having custom made dresses for all of the bridesmaids and flower girls would definitely be ideal. This is to ensure that the fabric and made of the dress would be uniform. But if you are on a tight budget, there are online shops, such as Angrila, that offers these kinds of dresses for a more affordable price.

What I love about discounted dresses for girls online is that they do not disappoint when it comes to the number of choices that you have. They literally have tons of styles and colors to choose from to make sure that one would absolutely match your preference. Even sizes can be made personalized so that the fit would be perfect. Here are some of my favorite flower girl dresses (along with the ones posted above):

This off shoulder satin dress is perfect for a garden wedding. Paired with a lovely hat, it also gives off that royal wedding vibe.

This classy navy blue dress with tulle skirt is modest and perfect for a simple church wedding. It is modest and elegant.  

For an all out wedding, this extravagant dress is a match for an equally extravagant wedding. The best part is that this dress does not even cost a fortune. Most of the dresses posted here and on their website are only up for grabs for less than $80. Some are even on sale for less than $10. Don't forget to check out their site to see their entire collection.

XO, Mish



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