17 May 2018

How to Make Your Hair Grow Long Faster

I have not had short hair in a long while. Not that I do not love having short hair, but I feel like my face looks a tad slimmer with long hair. I also have not had the courage to cut off my long hair just yet. I will probably have it done when something monumental happens. But until then, my long hair is here to stay.

To be honest, I love having short hair whenever it happens. It is amazing how convenient it is to have short hair. Not only is it lighter and easier to manage, it is also easier to style. You could even just air dry it after shower and it will still look good and fabulous as if it was blow dried. Especially in this kind of heat and humidity, having a short hair is such a blessing.

But there were times when I had short hair that I miss having long locks. You want something to run your fingers with and you cannot just do that with short hair. Just imagine thick, Brazilian hair that flows beautifully – that is the goal. Sometimes, you just wish it would miraculously grow long over night or as fast as it could. While that may not happen as quickly as we want it to be, there are ways by which we can help our hair grow faster.

1. Use hair products that strengthens the hair
  • While these kinds of products do not actually make hair longer per se, maintaining a strong and healthy hair lessens hair breakage and hair damage that can interrupt the growth of the hair. There are now hair products nowadays such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums that are focused on making the hair strong and thus long. These are not too costly and you can make them part of your everyday routine comfortably. If you have extra budget, there are also hair treatments that can help you maintain strong and long hair.

2. Get a hair trim every now and then
  • I know that the goal is to make the hair longer faster but maintaining hair ends that are smooth can promote an overall healthy hair. You can have at least an inch cut off and it would not even be noticeable. When split ends and damaged hair are eliminated, it makes hair healthier and stronger which can thus prevent hair breakage and damage.

3. Try out a hair weave
  • If you cannot wait any longer and would want that your long, luscious hair back, hair weaves can be an instant solution. While it may not actually make the hair grow fast, it can give you the result that you are aiming for nonetheless. You can choose a hair weave that is the same color as your hair and choose from a wide variety of lengths to suite your preference. To help you find the one that would give you your hair goals, Rebeccafashion has a huge selection for you to choose from. 

Waiting for your hair to grow can be quite a test of patience, but these tricks can help you achieve your hair goals faster than the usual. Hope these help you!

XO, Mish


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