11 May 2018

Get that Naturally Looking Healthy Hair using Hair Bundles

One common misconception about hair weaves, hair extensions, and wigs is that they usually look fake and they tend to create an unnatural look. More often than not, this misconception leads women, and even men, from refraining to try out and venture into these kinds of products. In case you are wondering why people would want to use these products, hair weaves, hair extensions, and wigs are used for multiple reasons. It may used because of fashion and cosmetic purposes which is more common nowadays or because of medical reasons such as hair loss or hair thinning. 

Unknown to most people, there are means by which we can make these products work for us. The stigma about hair weaves, extensions, and wigs being unnatural can now be solved through proper knowledge and information about these products. Equipped with these, we can now achieve hair that looks healthy and natural, more particularly by knowing which hair weave or extension is right and appropriate for us. 

Nowadays, hair weaves and extensions come in all sorts of style, length, color, and material. Sure, most wigs available nowadays are synthetic wigs that are often used for cosmetic purposes. But there are also wigs and extensions available now that are made of authentic human hair. The best part this variant is that even human hair wigs and extensions come in different kinds. There are Indian hair, Malaysian hair, or virgin hair to choose from. However, if you want something that looks naturally healthy and voluminous, the best choice would definitely be Brazilian hair because of the natural sexiness that it gives off. 

Among hair weaves, wigs, and hair extensions, I find hair extensions the most natural looking when applied because it usually just makes the hair longer or a little bit thicker without having to alter or modify the roots of the hair. On the other hand, wigs seem to be the most unnatural to use since you have to cover the roots of the hair which can add unnecessary bulk and thickness in the said area. They are the easiest to apply though since you just need to tuck all your existing hair properly and secure the wig on your head.

An alternative to wigs can be a hair bundle with closure. They can be quite a work to put on but they give off a more natural looking finish than wigs. These products also stays on longer. These are used by securing all existing hair in place, usually by braiding it. After that, you just sew in or glue the hair bundles to your tied-up hair to secure it in place. Since these has closures, they are easier to put on and can conceal existing hair properly and smoothly.

If you are looking for the perfect hair weave or extension for yourself, you may want to check out Rebeccafashion as they carry a wide selection of bundles, extensions, and wigs to match your preference. They also carry tons of natural looking products to help you achieve that healthy looking hair in an instant.

XO, Mish


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  1. In general, wigs made from human tresses include a nylon mesh cap attached to their base to maintain the woven ends of the hair safe. Red lace front wig brief and medium duration wigs will shorten the length the most effective the face.


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