27 April 2018

Play with your Look with Extensions and More

The best thing about being a girl is that we could play with our looks. When it comes to our face, the right kind of makeup could give you your desired look. For example, you can achieve a simple yet glowing look with a fresh face and a MLBB lipstick and you can switch it up to an edgy fa├žade with a smokey eye. When it comes to our body, our clothes say it all. We could don a stylish suit one moment and change it up to a cute mini dress. We can come up with hundreds of looks to match our current mood and also the weather.

When it comes to our hair, we could easily play with our look like how we do with our hair and clothing. For a simple and effortless look, a straight and polished hair is a must. To achieve that, we could easily use a straightening iron to flatten the hair and even out all the unnecessary waves and curls. Then, part your hair properly and finish it off with hair polish or hair cuticle coat to keep it shiny. Otherwise, you could make use of lace frontal weaves, especially if you have short hair, to give you that straight long hair.

For a sleek and sophisticated look, I would definitely recommend straight hair in a high ponytail. Straighten your hair using a straightening iron to achieve that sleek straight hair. Then, gather your hair and make sure its combed neatly. Secure it with a hair tie and keep all the short hair in place using hair gel or wax. If you want a fuller ponytail, you could make use of hair extensions to give your hair additional thickness. Otherwise, you could use extensions to make your ponytail longer. I recommend using Malaysian hair because they look effortlessly fine and straight.

If you want to try out a feminine and lovely appearance, soft waves work best. Soft wavy hair can be done through no heat methods such as using curlers or putting them in a bun or braids overnight. Otherwise, you may need to use a barrel curling iron or a straightening iron to achieve that soft gorgeous waves. Another option is to use hair extensions. Extensions that has a body wave or soft curls work best in getting that soft, feminine look. 

For a fun and funky look, I could think of tons of ways to achieve it but crimped hair is one way to do it. This one is kind of tricky to do because you need a hair crimper or small barrel curlers to achieve it. You would also need to be precise in curling the hair so that you get the same amount of curls all around your head.

Being a girl is so much fun. There are numerous ways by which we could play with our look. Do not be afraid to try experimenting on your look by switching it up every now and then.  

XO, Mish


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