19 April 2018

How to Lighten Your Hair with Minimal to No Damage

I love my natural black hair! But back when I was in college, I found my hair kind of boring since everyone else were dyeing their locks. When I gave hair coloring a try, I became addicted to it. At first, I had my hair colored at the salon. But when I discovered coloring my hair on my own using drugstore products, I kept on buying a new shade every time I need to color my roots again. I love having a new look every now and then. For 10 years now, I have been dyeing my hair different shades of brown, blonde, and red because I feel like it gives me character and edge.

The downside of having chemical treatments every now and then, particularly when the roots start to show, is that it can damage the hair permanently. For me, I DIY color my hair at least every four months. By then, my hair regrowth would have been three inches already. Just imagine how dry my hair is with all that exposure to chemicals. I try to treat my hair to restore its original state but that would not be possible with treatments alone.

Lucky for you there are other means by which you can switch up your look and lighten your hair with less or no damage. One way by which you could achieve lighter locks is through temporary hair color spray. These hair sprays come in different colors (even crazy ones such as blue and green). What makes them better than hair coloring is that these would not penetrate the hair and cause permanent damage to it. These are washable so you could come up with a new look every single day. They give out decent coverage but only last until you wash them.

For a more chic and edgy look, there are also hair chalks that can be used to lighten the hair. These work best if you want just a portion of your hair to be colored. They come in all sorts of colors but they do not give out the same kind of coverage as permanent hair colors or temporary hair sprays. They just give the hair a bit of lighter shade without any damage. Just like hair sprays, these can be removed through washing the hair.

If you want a more lasting solution, you may try out a hair weave. They come up in different shades so there is a blonde or brunette one that you could definitely try out. The best thing about these products is that they are made with human hair so they look absolutely natural. You could even dye or style them yourself as if they were your own hair. What I love most about using hair weaves is that your hair would never get damaged the way permanent hair coloring does to your hair. 

For better coverage, a 360 lace frontal would work best. Since this one enables you to hide your real hair, it would be possible for you to don a new look without any of your existing hair peeping through the weave. Around several hair bundles would be adequate to cover your entire head and you can add more if you want to achieve thicker locks. 

XO, Mish


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  1. i always color my hair and alam kong it's bad for my head haha. kaya right now, pinapahinga ko anit ko kaya tri-color na hair ko. black-blonde-violet haha

    xoxo, rae



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