13 April 2018

How to Achieve Summer Ready Hair

It is now officially summer here in the part of the globe where I live and I am just thrilled and excited for the adventures I am about to take on this season. Although this summer, I have always imagined myself in a bikini, relaxing by the beach while drinking my coconut juice. As summer is now here and fast approaching in some other parts of the globe, prepping should have started by now. Prepping for summer usually takes a load of effort and time. For one, you have to workout and eat healthy for a summer ready body. You have to get a new bikini for that Instagram perfect shot. Also, you got to have that summer-ready beach hair.

When it comes to summer hair, a gorgeous mermaid hair that flows beautifully describes it perfectly. I don’t think there is anything lovelier than long, voluminous hair with sexy beach waves to pair your bikini and smile with. Achieving perfect summer hair need not be tedious. Lucky for us, there are tons of ways by which we can achieve that. 

One of the quickest way to achieve gorgeous beach waves is through using a curling iron (or even a straightening iron). Just part your hair in sections and curl the bottom half of your hair. This usually takes some time especially if you have thick hair and it could damage the hair in the long run if you do it on a daily basis. But it is all worth it. Just be sure to put on hair spray or gel to keep the curls especially if you live in a humid place like me. 

If you opt for less damage but achieve the same results, you may want to put your hair in a bun overnight to get that thick summer waves in the morning. I prefer dividing my hair in at least three to four sections to keep make sure that it would turn out wavy and to even make the curls tad smaller. They turn into beautiful waves after a few minutes anyway. 

For the best results, you may want to try out hair bundles with lace closure. That way, you can achieve naturally looking beach waves without damage. Bundles of hair can be attached to your head through a closure, preferably a 360 lace frontal, by sewing or gluing it in place. Since human hair is likewise used, it would still look like your hair, just better. This works also for those with short hair and wants to get long luscious locks. For better coverage, a 360 frontal would work best since the lace closure would cover the entire head.

Lastly, you may opt for a perm to achieve semi-permanent beach waves. There are now numerous treatments available for you to get that perm. Of course, I would not recommend this one as much as the other options because damage from hair treatments and exposure to chemicals can lead to hair damage such as dryness and split ends, among others.

Getting that gorgeous summer hair is no sweat. Be sure to choose the method most suitable for you so that you can enjoy summer beautifully.

XO, Mish


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  1. love this!
    haven't tried them though, but it's interesting
    but i've tried clip on hair extensions before

    ❤ Ms. Kei


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