23 January 2018

Ways to Keep a Stylish Pregnancy

Although the pregnancy period is one of the most exciting time in a woman’s life, it comes with its other side. Many women dislike the idea that they cannot fit in their regular outfits. But being expectant does not mean you cannot keep your stylish lifestyle. You can still keep up with fashion and trends. Many celebrities such as Brooklyn Decker have remained fashionable throughout their pregnancy period. The best way to do this is by selecting the trends that you love and embracing them to your body. By during this, you will still dress sexy and modern during your expectancy period. Check out remarkable ways that will help you remain fashionable even as you are pregnant. 

Wear heels 

If you love wearing high-heeled shoes, you can still do so even when you are pregnant. But ensure your heels feel comfortable on you, and you will not slide and fall while walking. You may wear this if you are not having any pregnancy complications or have pains. Wearing heels will make you feel sexy.

Choose tight dresses

Well, if you ask your grandmother, he will tell you to wear baggy clothes. At least that’s what our mama’s believed in. But wait, we are in a modern world. You want to remain fashionable even with your baby. Tight dresses will make you look sexy. Wear dresses that are tight but can accommodate your bump.

Bright fabrics

If you love bright clothes, this is time to wear them. When you are pregnant, you are likely to be moody. This time you are okay the other you are irritated. Wearing fabrics with bright colors will enhance your appearance. This is especially on those days that you don’t feel good. 

Clothes with horizontal stripes

You want your bump to come out nicely. You don’t want walking around, and people are gossiping about your belly. Dresses with horizontal strips show off your belly in a stylish way.

Expose your skin

Pregnancy is a time you want to enjoy everything from eating to dressing. If you have a small chest, this is the right time for you to avoid wearing the flaunt cleavage and padded bras.  Make use of this opportune occasion and put on a scoop-neck sweater or T-shirts. 

Don’t forget flare skirts

Flare skirts can be a good option especially towards the end of your expectancy period. The skirt makes up for your proportions. At the end of your pregnancy, your belly is big because the baby is almost coming out. You might feel shy. But if you wear flare skirts you will feel comfortable and stylish. This makes the entire belly less visible because the upper body appears longer and the skirt is not a high waist.


If you are pregnant and worried about style, there is no need to worry. Celebs such as Gwen Stefani kept their style throughout their pregnancy period. The key is to choose something that is stylish but comfortable. If you pick heels, ensure they are comfortable when you walk around.


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