11 February 2017

What's Hot for Prom 2017

Prom season is just right around the corner from where I live. I am pretty sure that everyone's prepping up for the same by looking for style inspiration and having their dresses made. If you have not made up your mind yet as to what you should wear, I have provided here some style inspiration for you to consider.

There are two fresh items that are definitely making it big this year. First are two piece gowns and the next are dresses with plunging neckline. These styles are not necessarily new, but they have absolutely made a come back this year.

For two piece items, I love ones that show a little bit of the waist. It makes one's waist appear cinched and smaller. Because of the higher waist, it also makes one appear taller. This one would work well for petite girls just like me. Here are some of my favorite prom dresses 2017 with such style:

As regards plunging neckline, these are best for simple dresses to make them seem interesting. You would not want a busy dress with this kind of neckline because it would be just too much. Just make sure to comply with your school's dress code if there are such. Otherwise, this dress would definitely make you a prom queen.

To know more about these items posted, please check out http://www.aliadress.com/

XO, Mish


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