09 December 2016

Must Have Mini Skirts!

I know mini skirts in the winter would be an outrageous idea. But I love how this particular item could be flexible. You wear them in the summer with bare legs and with tights or leggings during fall or winter. You could mix and match them with any of your tops for versatility. You may check out more fashion news on how to style your mini skirt. If you are building up your collection of mini skirts, here are some styles that you may consider getting:

1. A Simple A-Line Skirt

You could never go wrong with this kind of design. It goes well with most tops and it looks good on anyone. You may opt for one in a block color for a simple look or one with prints for that fun and sassy look.

2. Floral Prints!

For date nights, I love floral printed mini skirts. I feel like they are feminine without being over the top. Pair it with a classy top for that romantic look!

3. H-Line Skirt or Pencil Skirts

Sure you’ve got mini skirts for your everyday casual look, but you could also don such for work. H-Line or Pencil skirts (given they’re the proper length) could be your perfect corporate attire buddy. Choose one in black or another solid color for that elegant look.

From there, you could venture out to more styles, prints, and designs of short mini skirts 2016. For more details on how to style your mini skirts, you may check out our Youtube!

XO, Mish


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