28 October 2016

Law School Ready Outfit from EricDress

When I started out in law school, I was definitely confused as to what I should wear. We have a strict dress code as I am enrolled in a Catholic school and we were required by my college to wear corporate attire every single day. During the first few months, I found myself wearing pants and collared tops which I totally hated. I found it hard to endure the heat during my extremely long commutes, so I shifted to dresses (and cardigans and jackets). And there I found my perfect law school outfit.

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Dresses are my favorite thing to wear lately because I need not think of mix and matching it. They are easy to wear too as long as the length is appropriate. It is a complete outfit by itself. For school, I prefer wearing a plain bodycon dress or similar types of dresses because they seem to be more formal and put together than other kinds of dresses. They are good on their own or you could put a blazer over it to make it more law school appropriate.

I am glad that there are tons of cheap bodycon dresses online now just like the ones found in this link. Shopping for school clothes has become easy peasy. I just make sure that the fabric is somewhat breathable and the length is not too short. Aside from such precautions, shopping for cheap dresses online is hassle free. Do not forget to check out the rest of dresses, such as my fave white dresses online, from Ericdress here!

XO, Mish


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