04 September 2016

Fall Fashion at StyleWe

I seriously have no idea why time is going way too fast! I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas already. While that would not happen until a few months after, I am pretty sure that everyone is preparing for fall which is right around the corner. If I were to experience all four seasons, I would probably be sad to say goodbye to summer. But honestly, who could resist fall’s magical colors? It is definitely something to look forward to.

Speaking of fall, one of the online shops that I got introduced to is launching its fall collection. Aside from offering wedding dresses, they also carry all sorts of daily clothes for women such as dresses, skirts, tops, and outerwear. I would say that their choices for outerwear are extensive and incredibly cheap. Some look like designer clothes but these are sold for a much lower price. Anyway, let me share to you some of my favorites:

First up is Statement Short Sleeve Hoodie Polyester Vest from Maison Luyu. This one is to die for. The color is refreshing and the style is very chic. This would go well with other statement and structured clothing.

Another favorite is a Red Knitted Statement High Low Cape from Sikya. This one is a stunner! Not only does this have a nice color but it also has a style that would captivate anyone.

Last on my list is the Long Sleeve Wool Lapel Casual Shearling Coat with Belt from Card Soul. This is a classic piece that you could wear daily. It would make you look effortlessly elegant in an instant.

If you are looking for other outerwear and wardrobe for fall, better check out StyleWe’s collection here: www.stylewe.com. Don’t forget to check out their social media accounts: Pinterest -  https://www.pinterest.com/stylewe/  and StyleWe Blog -  http://stylewereviews.blogspot.com/

XO, Mish


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