18 September 2016

Easiest Way to Learn Football or Soccer

Soccer or football is one sport that is dearly loved and supported all around the world. Although they seem to have become more popular during the last few years as the FIBA has definitely gained popularity, the amount of fandom that the sport gets remains all the same as overwhelming. On my part, I remember playing soccer a few times during elementary school for our school’s sports fest. I shifted to gymnastics though when I got into high school. Recently I only find myself supporting friends who are addicted with the sport and popular soccer teams whom I idolize.

When I come to think of it, I find the sport kind of intimidating. It is as if it is not a sport to be played by anyone. It feels like a real professional sport. I also I feel like it is hard to play soccer itself especially if you are a newbie. I do not think there are even soccer lessons for adult newbies. If you think soccer is not that fun or that it is too technical, I suggest you try out bubble soccer! It is one fun way to learn more about the sport and to finally get to know its technicalities without all the fuss.

Honestly, I have not heard about inflatable soccer games until recently. Everything seem to evolve nowadays and that includes sports. Basically, the sport makes use of inflatable bumper ball which you will use to play a huge soccer ball with. It seems to me that the game is pretty much the same with an actual soccer game, except for the tools and materials that are used for it. I think in this manner, soccer would be more fun to learn. And since soccer is kind of a sport that has some physical contact, the bumper ball makes it safer and definitely more enjoyable to play!

What I love most about bubble football is that it is great not just for kids, but also for the kids at heart. While there are no age limits as to adults, it is highly suggested that one should be at least physically fit to run around and play the sport. With regard to kids, children as young as seven can start to be familiarized and  enjoy this sport.  As such, I recommend this one for huge occasions such as gatherings of families and friends. This is definitely one way to have a great, enjoyable, and memorable bonding. Moreover, you and your loved ones can know more about soccer and the sport. To know more about bubble football, go here!

XO, Mish


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