16 July 2016

Fun and Exciting Outdoor Water Activities to try out this Summer

In some parts of the world, summer is such a luxury. We get to enjoy it for just a few months in a year. One way to make the most out of summer is to enjoy the outdoors. Honestly, there are tons of activities that involves going out such as going to the beach, having picnics, hiking, or camping. But if you are looking for adventure and fun, I am sure that you will love outdoor water games involving inflatables. I am a fan of inflatable water activities because they give an adequate amount of thrill and fun – safe yet exciting. Moreover, this kind of activities is not as extreme as other water sports making them perfect for the whole family. There are several inflatable water games that you could try out this summer but here are some of my favorites:

1. Flying fish
There is nothing more exhilarating than hanging on to a rope while being dragged in open water. This is the kind of thrill that the flying fish would give you. Of course as the name suggests, the flying fish is literally flying off the water as it speeds on. Expect more flying fun when the waves are huge! This water game can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. 

2. Banana boat
If you are looking for a milder ride, this one is perfect for you. Although you will be hanging on to a rope just like in flying fish, you will be seated all throughout, thus, giving you better balance. It can accommodate 8 to 10 people at a time. This one is a personal favorite. Be sure to hold on tight to the rope because you will never know when they will deliberately let you fall into the water.

3. Water blob

For someone living in a tropical country with almost perfect weather all year long, I was confused why I have not seen this kind of water game here. I see dive spots, canyoneering, and all sorts of fun and thrilling water activities but definitely not this one. I think I first saw this one either in a comedy movie or a Korean variety show. Inflatable water roller balls are definitely enjoyable activities especially for groups and families.

These kinds of activities are unfortunately available for rent only in some resorts and recreation areas. And some are unreasonable priced especially in more popular locations. If you prefer to make a long term investment and enjoy your very own inflatable water game, why not get one? Honestly, I do not these are available in local stores. Your best option is to get them online. One of the best online shops to get these is Inflatable Zone. With the reasonable prices and guaranteed quality, you are sure of getting the best deals! Moreover, you could get a free pump with every order of water blobs. Know more about inflatable water games at Inflatable-Zone.com.

PS. Know more about bubble football in this Part 2

XO, Mish


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  1. This is indeed very fun for the whole family, will definitely try this soon!


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