31 May 2016

My Dresslink Shopping Bag

You could say that I am addicted to online shopping. I just bought a cute bikini online a few days back and here I am again looking for things that I need (and want lol). Anyway, this one's sponsored by Dresslink and I really had a hard time choosing items that I would get. Everything was so cheap and affordable! As such, some products may be hit or miss when it comes to quality. But what I love the most about this website is that it is very transparent. There are geniune reviews and there are photos sent by actual purchasers of the products that they were able to receive. And from that I was able to come up with this list:

1. Wine Red Long Cardigan - US$ 3.90

They don't have a photo of the red one on the website except for a small thumbnail. Hoping that the color is vibrant and the item fits me well.

2. Black One Piece Swimsuit - US$ 3.34

I've seen this one in various local online shops. It's quite sexy in the photo but I have seen actual photos of this product and it doesn't look as revealing as this one. I got a US Medium size so I hope it would fit me well. 

3. Black Off Shoulder Top - US$ 2.64

Let's just say I'm still in an off shoulder top obsession. They're really trendy and easy to wear. They look classy too and can be paired with just about anything. Only problem is that I won't be able to wear them to school.

Can't wait for everything to arrive and will share my review of these products soon!

PS. For the meantime, you may use these shopping codes to get more discounts at Dresslink:

DLblog5 == Get $5 off on once purchases of $59
DLblog10 ==Get $10 off on once purchases of $99

XO, Mish 


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