04 April 2016

New in from NewChic.com

I rarely do outfit posts lately because I became more focused on events, food, and travel. But I think I should go back and do more of them because new pairs of shoes just came in from a lovely sponsor, Newchic.com! If you haven't heard of Newchic.com, it is a new online shop from Guangzhou, China that offers the latest and most fashionable clothing for women. Of course, they offer these in very affordable prices.

Among the numerous products at Newchic.com, I had my eyes set on their footwear. Well, I actually wanted to buy a dress at first, but when I saw their footwear collection, I suddenly changed my mind. I was looking for strappy sandals for summer and white sneakers for school and they have both products on hand. The best thing about my Newchic haul? Both costed only a little over $30, including shipping to the Philippines!

Shopping at Newchic is really simple. The website is easy to use and the products are organized well. You may pay via Paypal or credit card. I used Paypal to pay for the balance from the shipping fee. Anyway, the items I chose took around a month for these items to arrive and it took a longer time for our local post office to inform me that the products are already here, hence, the late blog post.  

1. Strappy Lace up Gladiator Sandals

When the items arrived, the bag smelled really bad. I can't explain how it smelled exactly. It kind of smelled like plastic though. I just placed them outside so that the smell would subside. Anyway, they were placed in eco bags, instead of boxes which is better because these kind of bags are reusable. If you were to ask me, I love my new gladiator sandals! First of all, they fit me perfectly. Although I normally wear size EU37 or US6 footwear, I got a size 38 because Chinese sizes are really small. And I am happy I got them one size bigger. These come in black or white. I obviously got the former.

The straps aren't exactly the normal gladiator type because they don't go all the way up to my knees, but I love it better that way because it does not emphasize my huge calves. As regards the material, it is quite scary to use for a long time because the material doesn't look very sturdy. But it's too gorgeous not to use! So I just make sure that I be careful when I use it. Each pair costs $9.39, but I got my pair on sale for only $7.61.

2. Korean Platform Sneakers

This pair is my current favorite! It makes me look taller without sacrificing comfort. I could wear the pair all day (which I actually do as I use this for school). I also got a size 38 for this one and it fits me just right. What amazed me during this shopping experience is that the pair looks exactly the photos from the website! These come in black, red, and white. I got the white and the pair I got isn't exactly pearly white. I like it better that way so that dirt won't look too obvious.

This pair of shoes are really sturdy. I have worn them a few times already and they're still good as new. I like to pair this one with mini dresses for that modern casual look. What I didn't like about this pair is that it's hard to hide the laces because of the design of the shoes. Other than that, I genuinely love this product! Each pair costs $16.51, but I also got mine on sale for only $13.87. I swear that this pair is worth every penny!

The only downside I got from shopping at Newchic is that I have to pay separately for shipping fees, but I guess that's inevitable. Shipping to the Philippines costed me $11.81. You could avail of express shipping for a little over that. Over all, my shopping experience at Newchic was really awesome! I love everything that I got. I am definitely looking forward for another shopping experience with them because I want to see how their clothes, particularly their dresses, would fare.

Visit Newchic here: http://www.newchic.com/

Happy shopping! :)

XO, Mish


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