22 March 2016

My Simple Skincare Routine

I often get asked about my skin care routine probably because people have noticed that I don't get pimples often. I can't say that it has anything to do with what I put on my face, but it is probably more about keeping the same clean and of course genes. Currently, I am still experimenting when it comes to skin care products particularly with face creams and cleansers, but the routine I have is pretty much the same for the past years.

1. Cleansers and Face Scrubs  

I stay in two different places and I don't like bringing with me everything so I just use different products in each house. I think it is still better if I should buy two of everything so that I'll be using the same products wherever I stay. Currently, I am using Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser or The Face Shop Bright Cleansing Foam as my facial cleanser. I prefer foaming cleansers better than soap free cleansers because I like to feel my face squeaky clean and they also help remove dirt and makeup better. I don't use eye makeup so I prefer not to use a separate makeup remover. For my facial scrub, I use Glutamax Light and Firm Facial Wash. I only use this twice a week since scrubbing is not recommended daily.

2. Eye creams and gels

I have terrible eye bags and dark circles. I've had them since high school and they tend to appear worse. I tried using eye creams in the past but I usually get impatient when I don't see immediate results. Currently, I am using Natural Looks Soothing Cucumber Eye Gel in the morning which have effectively worked for my eye bags. I posted a review of this one here. For nighttime, I use Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. I only have started this one recently and I am not sure if this one will effectively lighten my dark circles. I'll post a review of this one when I finish the jar. 

3. Face creams

Honestly, I hate putting on creams on my face especially when it is hot and humid outside. But I feel like I should start putting creams on my face for maintenance. For day use, I am using Olay Total Effects Day Cream. For nighttime, I use DERMAX Professionals Night Essence. I am thinking of switching to another brand when I finish both of them. Anyway if you have noticed, I don't use toners. Toners I have used before tend to give me breakouts so I refrain from using them.

4. Sunblocks

I also don't like the feeling of sunblock on my face. Aside from leaving a white cast that looks odd on my tanned skin, it also feels sticky and hot. I used to rely on the UV protection I get from BB creams but I don't think that would be enough. I started using Nivea Sun Protect and White sunblock again and I hope I stick to it for a long time. But if you have suggestions on what sunblock to use on my face, just let me know. 

Most of the products that I use are things I get from blogging or given by my mom lol. Most of them are available from drugstores and department stores nationwide. Otherwise, you could get these products from Zalora. For real convenient shopping, I urge you guys to download the ZALORA app, now also available in iOS. Hope this post helps!

XO,  Mish


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