06 December 2015

Wrecking Crew

These photos have been in my computer for a very long time. I know not because the date says it was taken last July, but because the shoes which Zack was wearing in the photos no longer fits him. I think he outgrew them a few weeks after these photos were taken. He has surprisingly grown so much over the past months. The last time we checked, he weighs at around 18 kg already.

Top - Gap Kids, Pants - Benetton Kids, Shoes - Nike

By the way, this set of photos was one of Zack's school looks. This pair of pants from Benetton is absolutely my favorite on him. The fabric seems to be very comfortable to wear and it is easy to pair with any kind or color of shirt. As I have said in my previous posts, the shoes were hand me downs from a family friend. I loved that pair because the color is very versatile and it's perfect for school. Anyway, I'll be posting more of Zack's OOTD every Sunday for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Hope you all like them!

XO, Mish

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