31 December 2015

What I Love (and Hate) About 2015

I can't believe that another year went by just like that. It honestly felt like a blur as everything happened so quickly. But I am glad that it's over cause it was a bit bumpy. I had to go through lots of challenges and I wasn't able to attain some of my goals. I guess one of the worst challenges I had to go through this year is letting go of things (and people.) Nevertheless, these challenges brought me nothing but lessons for me to keep forever.

Of course, everything wasn't sad for me this year. Wonderful things still happened this year and I am grateful for them. Just in case you are wondering, here are the awesome things and events that definitely made my year:

1. Zack started school - Finding him the right school took us a while and a wrong school choice, but I was happy that that event led us to the school that's perfect for him. He loves his new environment and I am happy that he has progressed a lot since he started school.

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2. Spontaneous travels - My family and I rarely go out of the town together, except when going to my parents' province in Nueva Ecija. But this year, we were able to visit Baler, Infanta, San Juan, and Alaminos. And every single one was just a spontaneous trip. We would just plan everything in one day and head out the following day. I missed my family's trip to Isabela last December but I am looking forward to visiting Sagada with my family hopefully this year.

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A photo posted by Mish (@mishrendon) on

3. A second chance in law school - I was supposed to be on my 4th year already this year. But I had to take four more 3rd year subjects this year so I had to extend my studies for another year. At first, I was really disappointed because I know that I could have done better. I was able to eventually see the brighter side of what happened when Zack started school this year. I wouldn't have been able to attend any of his school performances if it wasn't for my light load last semester.

4. Better blogging - I am definitely not a top blogger and I don't intend to be one. All I wanted is to share my passion for writing and to make friends with people who share the same passion and I think I have done all that. I rarely attend events whenever I have classes so I am thankful for some PRs who always remember me and take into consideration my situation. 

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A photo posted by Mish (@mishrendon) on

5. New (and old) friends! - I love how blogging has made me into a more approachable person. :p Although I am still shy and reserved, I am thankful that I was able to meet and become friends with more bloggers, especially mommies! I am also thankful for old friends even those from way back. They're all low maintenance and I love that about them. No photos so it would be fair to everyone haha!

There are probably tons of other things that I should be thankful for, but these are all I could think of now. I guess you can see from the list what my priorities are: my son, my studies, and my family. If there's anything that I gained for myself that I am thankful for, it would probably the courage and strength that I gain every single day. In my situation, those can't be replaced by any material thing.

I am hopeful that the following year would be better. I've always wanted things to go as planned. But if my plans are not supposed to happen, I hope that I would be able to understand right away the better plan in store for me. I guess I do not want anything else next year but for Zack and I to do well in school. I know better things will happen for me this 2016. And I hope the same for you. :)

XO, Mish

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