27 December 2015

Pop of Color

You know that your kid is getting older when he starts deciding which shoes to wear. And for this occasion, my little man decided to wear his bright red shoes with his blue and green outfit. I chose the green and blue shirt for him and his ate chose the rest, while he chose his shoes. I was insisting on a grey pair that he has, but he was very persistent.

The awesome Batman belt was a gift from Zack's grandpa. It was meant for school, but we use it whenever it is needed. The shirt was a gift as well during his 2nd or 3rd birthday. It was one of the clothes in his closet that I have forgotten about. This would probably fit him until next year. Had I not seen it, it would probably become one of the clothes in his closet that he will outgrow.

Shirt - Random, Pants - Benetton, Belt - Batman from SM Department Store, Shoes - adidas

These red adidas sneakers are Zack's favorite along with the orange and black pair that he has. Obviously, they are a bit big for him. But he loves wearing them anyway. As I have said earlier, he now chooses which shoes he's going to wear for the day. So whenever I have an outfit set for him, I try to hide his other shoes so that he won't have much choice. :p

Anyway, he wore this look to his classmate's birthday party. It was a fun gathering with some of his classmates and teachers. I always make sure that Zack and I get to interact with his classmates and their families since we are a very small group. Even though I rarely have free time, I want to spend time with them and make a bond with them for our kids. Hope you like this post! :)

XO, Mish

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