08 November 2015


This set of photos has been on my drafts for a long time now. Honestly, I haven't had any time to make a personal blog post. I find myself too busy with school or attending to Zack's needs. I only have two classes this semester but it sure feels like a full load. I guess it's because of the pressure I put on myself to get high grades this semester. But I think it doesn't do me any good. I perform better in school when I am relaxed yet adequately prepared.

Anyway, I haven't been able to take outfit shots with Zack recently. I've been staying in our QC house for most of the week. Zack also got his school uniform recently so he rarely uses civilian clothing when going to school. He only gets to wear civilian clothes during Fridays, but we make him comfortable clothing such as jogging pants and shirt a la PE uniform.

This is actually what we usually look like every single day. For Zack, he usually dons a colorful ensemble. He sometimes chooses his clothes because sometimes he'd rather have shorts than pants or a shirt in different color. He usually chooses his shoes as well. He has two pairs Adidas sneakers, which are still slightly large for him, that he loves. As for me, I usually wear an all black look to school. I am not yet comfortable in donning a legit corporate attire so I stick with basic colors and designs. I usually wear dresses to school so I won't have to mix and match clothes anymore.

I'll try to come up with more "Mish and Zack" outfit posts in the future. I find it hard to come up with such because we only have one OOTD spot in the house and we rarely go out anymore. But in the meantime, please enjoy my product reviews and blog events posts! Hope you like this one!

XO, Mish

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