02 September 2015

Wedding Dresses for Civil Weddings

How much does a wedding cost nowadays? Here in the Philippines, a simple church wedding would probably cost more than a hundred thousand pesos already. For more extravagant weddings, I guess some would probably spend millions of pesos to get their dream wedding. They need not only pay for the church, the reception venue, food, entourage’s attire, but they also need to shell out money for the wedding coordinator, professional makeup artist, the photographer and videographer, souvenirs, wedding cake, among others. Indeed, the cost of weddings nowadays has become extremely expensive. One alternative to avoid such unnecessary expense is to opt for a civil wedding.

I have noticed that more and more couples have gone for a civil wedding instead. Not only it is inexpensive, it is also practical. Couples are not compelled to invite tons of guests. They would only need their immediate family to witness such event in their lives. No matter how simple a civil wedding ceremony may be, it does not mean that the bride cannot be gorgeous on her special day. A bride can definitely still look beautiful on her wedding day with an elegant wedding dress.

By wedding dress, I mean one which has the appropriate length for the event. For civil wedding ceremonies, it is best to don a knee length or tea length dress. Finding the perfect dress within your community could be difficult though. Wedding dresses for civil weddings are not as widely sold as regular wedding dresses. Moreover, it is impractical to have a designer dress made for such simple event. One’s best option is to purchase online.


Online shopping for wedding dresses is indeed the best choice because of the variety of their products. At Missydressesau which provides for wedding dresses Australia, they offer numerous knee length and tea length dresses which are perfect for a civil wedding ceremony. Not only are these dresses elegant, but they are also quality products. Of course, these dresses are within one’s limited budget.

XO, Mish

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