27 September 2015


If you are following me on Instagram (@mishrendon), you would have noticed a photo of Zack wearing a soldier costume. Anyway, here's the short background on why he was wearing such. I received a text message from Zack's teacher that he needs a costume of any community helper for their Friday activity. I am usually busy with school during weekdays and my classes end beyond mall hours so I asked my mom to buy him one. I asked her to get him a doctor or police costume and there was none at Toy Kingdom at SM Fairview! Luckily, she found a soldier costume (last piece!) at the department store and paid for it a few minutes before the mall closed.

This costume wasn't initially what I had in mind. I am not even sure if a soldier is a community helper. What I had in mind are doctors, teachers, firemen, policemen, and similar types of jobs. Nevertheless, I think Zack liked his costume. He wore everything without any hesitations, including the hat. Everyone in school liked it, too. Zack's ate told me that even parents of other kids were asking for selfies with him. I am not so sure anymore if I have a soldier or a celebrity in the making!

Doing the "Sir, yes, sir!"

At this point, I don't have any particular profession that I would like to impose on Zack. I don't think I would even want to impose anything on him. I've seen too many people in law school who lost their passion and drive because their parents wanted them to pursue something that they do not want. I do not want the same for Zack. The only thing I wanted for him is that he discovers his passion in life and he pursues it. And I'll be there to support him all the way. So far, singing (and dancing) interests him so I guess it's a good start for us. 

Anyway, this kid has probably gotten used to taking outfit photos that he voluntarily goes out of the door whenever I would tell him that I would take his photos. So I guess this means more photos (which are less blurry) for the blog! Hope you like this one. :)

XO, Mish

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