16 September 2015


The concept of feeling sexy has surprisingly changed for me. When I was a few pounds lighter and around five years younger, I was too insecure about myself. I did not feel sexy at all! Fast forward to the present with a three-year old boy and a few pounds heavier and I feel sexier than ever. I believe that it is when you pay more attention to your well-being and when you are confident in yourself and what you've got that you feel more sexy and secure of yourself. However, feeling confident all the time is hard to maintain in such a stressful and toxic environment we live in. With all the responsibilities we have to face every single day, there is hardly any time for us to take care and pamper ourselves. That and with all the negativity surrounding us, we tend to feel unhappy about ourselves and, thus, lose our self confidence.

Gaining confidence, through that constant sexy feeling, ultimately boils down to simply taking care of ourselves and maintaining that clean and fresh feeling because clean is the new sexy! Taking care of one’s self, however, should not just be a chore for us. It must be a passion because it needs commitment and dedication. We should fall in love in taking care of ourselves because we deserve it and because it is easier done with love. I believe that when we are happy with ourselves, we radiate that happiness and positivity to everyone and everything that surrounds us. 

As a busy single mom, striving law student, and occasional blogger, I honestly rarely have time to do anything that I please. Everything must be on schedule. Nevertheless, I make sure that I still take care of myself. Thus, I have incorporated a not-so-time-consuming twice a week routine in taking care of myself and to keep myself feeling clean and sexy - both in the inside and on the outside - cause every busy woman needs some rest and relaxation from time to time.

To keep me feeling clean and sexy on the inside - YOGA!

To maintain that clean and sexy feeling on the inside, I make sure that I do yoga or mat pilates at home for at least twice a week. Or if I have extra time, I also do anti-gravity yoga at the studio. I only need one hour for each session and this also serves as my much needed mommy me-time. Surprisingly, I have more energy to study, play with Zack, and do other things after working out. I started practicing yoga a few months back and I fell in love with it. It is one workout that not only focuses on the physical well-being but also on the emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.

Yoga inversion, or keeping your heart above your head, is good for blood circulation and building strength and confidence!

Practicing yoga has numerous benefits. I know this may sound cliche but yoga, or exercise in general, really helps to make us feel happy and contented and, therefore, feel confident with ourselves. Particularly, it helps me feel clean and sexy. Yoga helps me clear my mind as I focus on my practice and on just being present. With such clean and refreshed mind, I could now then set my priorities straight and focus on what really matters.

Sukhasana promotes a positive state of mind, among other benefits.

Of course, yoga also helps me feel and look sexy by toning my muscles and improving my flexibility. I believe it is the only practice that would help you feel good about yourself, as compared to other workouts where there's a feeling that you need to lose more weight. And because you'll be sweating buckets after an hour of yoga, you'll be sure to sweat those toxins out of your system. It is definitely one great way to keep yourself feeling clean and sexy holistically.

And to keep me feeling clean and sexy on the inside, this is what I need twice a week:

Look closely!!!

Not my natarajasana, it is of course BETADINE® Feminine Wash! ;)

BETADINE® Feminine Wash, Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash

It is important to maintain a good hygiene to keep yourself feeling clean and fresh all day and that includes a fool-proof feminine hygiene. Especially for someone who travels from Bulacan to Manila on a daily basis (me!), the pollution and the stress from commuting causes me to feel icky and uncomfortable. I am usually out of the house for more than 12 hours and it is hard to keep myself feeling clean and fresh all day. Sure, cologne and powder can help reduce that uneasy feeling, but definitely not the irritating feeling down there! With that, I make sure to use BETADINE® Feminine Wash at least twice a week and even daily during red days.

I keep a travel size BETADINE® Feminine Wash with me all the time!

I first came across with this product when it was recommended to me by my OB-Gyne when I was pregnant with Zack. No wonder that it’s known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth, and it ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash Category. Since then, I make sure to use it regularly, especially whenever I have my period. BETADINE® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause feminine discomfort. With regular use, you will notice less itchiness and irritation. It also helps lessen odor to keep you feeling clean and sexy all day!

Less irritation, itchiness, and odor with regular use of  BETADINE® Feminine Wash

Using BETADINE® Feminine Wash is really simple, just dilute two to three drops with a palmful of water and wash on your intimate area for 15 seconds and less. With that, you'll be assured to be feeling fresh and clean all day. No more being conscious and uneasy because of irritation, itchiness and odor! And, thus, leaving you with nothing but a clean and sexy feeling. There is indeed nothing sexier than feeling clean and fresh!


Feeling clean and sexy need not be time consuming nor expensive. With just two steps - a twice a week fitness routine and a twice a week use of BETADINE® Feminine Wash, you can now feel clean and sexy both on the inside and out and feel confident in yourself. Join the #SexyCleanRevolution #IDoItTwiceAWeek #BETADINEFeminineWash!

XO, Mish


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