02 August 2015


When I created my other baby (my LBD and Onesies blog), here is what I envisioned sharing to you guys! It is unusual to encounter a "Mommy and Son" ootd as compared to Mommy and Little Girls tandems. I think the difficulty with this kind of blog post arises when it comes to coming up with the same ensemble. It's rare to find matching clothes for mommies and sons unless you'll have it customized. Anyway, I hope my mixing and matching worked this time. 

On Mommy Mish: Romwe shirt, Forever21 Cami, Romwe shorts, Cln sandals
On Zack: Robby Rabbit shirt, Periwinkle Jr. shorts, Creme shoes by Budget Fit

Here's what Zack wore to school a few days back. Our helper was sick so I was the one who accompanied him to school. Good thing I didn't have classes that day. I am still looking for a new location for us to take our photos. So far, our front door is that most decent place for an outfit shoot. We'll definitely try to improve this "segment" of my blog.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

XO, Mish


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