16 August 2015


Every Friday, Zack's school holds a FUNtastic Friday event where they play and have activities for all preschool students. Recently, they held a Minions party where everyone has to come in Minions costume, even their teachers. Since I was the one who brought him to school, I decided to don a Scarlet Overkill-inspired look while Zack was the Minion. :p

On Mommy: Banana Republic top, Forever 21 pants, Scarlet flats from Zalora

I was told about the costume on short notice so we weren't able to prepare well. Had they told me days before, I would probably have come up with a head gear and suspenders to make him look more like a Minion lol! Nevertheless, I was relieved that he already has blue pants which are close to the denim jumpers the Minions were wearing. We only bought a cheap shirt at the mall since he does not have any yellow shirts.

On Zack: Random shirt, Benetton Kids pants, Nike shoes

I am extremely happy that Zack is having fun at school. He likes his teachers. He likes playing with his classmates. He's learning his lessons very quick and he's starting to become more independent. He surprises me most of the time with his progress. We wanted to enroll him at a different school initially and I was heartbroken when I was told to wait one more year before enrolling him there. We just accidentally encountered his present school and eventually decided to give it a try. Who would have thought that it would actually be the perfect school for him? Life indeed has weird and unintelligible ways in leading us to where we really should be.

XO, Mish

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