09 August 2015

Blue and White

I would have named this blog post "Crisp" had Zack's shirt and shorts been ironed well. But since they were not, I have decided to go with "Blue and White" instead lol! With regard to color combinations, I honestly think that if there is any color that goes well with white it is blue. I love how this color combination tends to give off a calm and relaxed look. Aside from these tendencies, this combination also help made Zack look more like a little man than a kid. 

Shirt - Gap, Shorts - Big and Small Company, Shoes - Creme Shoes from Budget Fit

The white shorts he was wearing is my personal favorite. I don't think Zack has any favorite piece of clothing yet since he would put on anything we gave him. Anyway, we got the said pair from Big & Small company at Fairview Terraces. They are always on sale and prices go really low! I am not sure if it is a popular brand since I am more familiar with Periwinkle and Gingersnaps. But I think that Big & Small Company's products, as regards quality, are at par with the two big brands. They carry more colorful and basic clothes as compared to the other two which carries more modern and up-to-date styles. 

These shots are, by the way, chamba shots of Zack. He isn't the pose-y type and he hates taking photos whenever he is busy with something. He's usually pull of a poker face even if it's for a selfie. But as soon as he flashes that smile, I make sure that I'd be able to capture them. We still have to develop Zack's "modelling skills". :p But I think he did well in this set of photos.

Anyway, we took these photos before Zack went to school. So far, he's having fun at school. He has indeed developed so much after a few months of school. He doesn't even talk much when he started. The lessons are paced just right for him. He's actually advanced in some lessons because he knows the sound to all of the letters in the alphabet (Thanks to The Letter Factory Leap Frog DVD!) and they're only at F in school. Also, there are no more separation anxieties! He says bye every time he goes to the classroom. And I love how he takes his being malambing to school as he kisses his teacher upon seeing her. I am just so happy to see this kid grow and improve as the day goes by and I am forever a proud mommy!

Hope you like this post!

XO, Mish

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