12 July 2015

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Purple Dress

Time and time again, I have constantly discussed color options when it comes to homecoming or formal dresses. Of course, it is an easy choice when it comes to black, red, pink, blue, and white. They’re the easiest colors to wear and it seems like it matches any skin color or body type.  I have noticed though that one of the colors which people tend to shy away from is Purple. Honestly, it is not the first color that comes to my mind when it comes to formal dresses. I believe that it is quite hard to pull off for some.  Anyway, I’ll be sharing are some guidelines and tips in helping you in choose that perfect purple homecoming dress.

Lucky for us, purple is not just simply purple. It is amazing how diverse purple is now. There are now lighter shades of it such as lilac and dark ones such as plum from which you could choose from. If you are going for a girly look though, then the former should be your choice. When going for a more serious and mature look, plums and dark violets are perfect for you.

As regards the length of the dress, the criteria remain the same. It should be something that you should be comfortable with and is appropriate for the occasion. Mini dresses are perfect for a more casual event and long gowns should be worn during extremely formal events.  The material on the other hand is likewise important. When it comes to any shade of purple, I think it is wise to wear a fabric that is neither too shiny nor sheer. These characteristics have the tendency to make the dress look cheap.

Lastly, wear your purple homecoming dress with confidence! After all, purple and violet symbolizes royalty and elegance. I believe that there is nothing that could make a purple homecoming dress work than a confident attitude. Have not found the perfect purple homecoming dress for you? Better check out ihomecoming purple homecoming dress for more affordable finds via their website. Hope this post helps!

XO, Mish

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